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Published by FFxSTALKERx 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


I have had several mods submitted to the site recently that I have had to deny for one of several reasons. Please, when you are submitting files you MUST follow these simple rules. It saves us all work in the long run.


  • A README IS REQUIRED FOR ALL FILES. Yes, even if you file is fan music, just put "Fan Music made by STALKER" in the readme section of the file upload. If you are uploading a mod make sure you include INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS for your mod. If your file does not contain a readme it WILL NOT BE APPROVED.
  • The second thing is make sure you have ALL CREDITS listed in your readme. if you use a skin from JohnDoe then credit him in the readme unless he specifically states you do not need to. I have seen a trend recently of people creating mods for other mods (Specifically OL 2.1). Make sure you credit those mod authors in your readme. Remember, you adding on to THEIR work so they must be credited.


  • When submitting your POTD's ONLY DO IT ONCE. If the page errors out you can try again but if you resubmit because your picture isn't up on the site right away then I will DELETE YOUR SUBMISSION.

I won't mention any names but there is one user who submits the SAME PICTURE with the SAME CAPTION once or twice every other day or so. If this continues I will BAN you for it.

99% of you follow these rules and I thank you for that, but some of you apparently need a reminder.

Thank you, FFxSTALKERx STALKER Files Site Admin

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