Lost Alpha Project News for March 2009

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Published by FFxSTALKERx 13 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
[b]We would like to talk about the situation: (upd. 12 March 2009)[/b] Today we decided to finish Lost Alpha mod, so it won't be abandoned due to the beta release. We always wanted to make unique addon, which is still possible, because we still have our own vision, the maps which were released just helped us with progress. We are sure, that many mod teams will use the "free stuff" but thats normal, we need to accept it. But also people should note, that if GSC didnt release the beta, none of the mod teams could use the beta deadcity and other maps in their mods, because they can't remake them. It's not ego, it's fact. Some will hate us for this fact, some will understand and realize. Maybe we are just crazy because we spent more than 1 year on remaking deadcity, but this way it will be our dream map, not just a gsc ripoff. We will port and edit several maps too, and finish the beta ones to make them more perfect for the final engine. We also have lots of planned features, many of them already works fine. Since we abandoned Priboi Story 1.2, we will use all planned feature from that in our new project. This and the beta release gave us big boost. This week was full of events. We started poll on main stalker forums about Priboi Story 1.2 and Lost Alpha. We clearly stated, with 3 active members, we simply can't work on 2 big project in the same time. People understood it, and voted for Lost Alpha the most. On each forum the rate was 10% for Priboi, and 90% for Lost Alpha. So its clear, that not just we want to finish it so badly, but also our fans are waiting for it. Also this week we finished our dream deadcity (no, we will not use the beta deadcity, only some materials, because we don't want to throw out our 8-month work) and we recompiled Rostok Factory with some changes. Darkscape map is on hold now, because the guy who decided to help us, left us as usual, so we will rework it later. We also started to port maps from beta. I posted the complete list to the profile, and added new images to our gallery. :) Cordon, Garbage, Rostok Factory, Yantar, Swamps, Generators, Deadcity, Bar-Rostok, Darkdolina, Agroprom and all underground maps are already waiting for alife :) [b]Some words about release date:[/b] We don't want to change the release date (possibly 2009 December), until we are confident that we can finish it on time. However we don't want to hurry, we don't care that other teams might release maps in their version, we are not racing with anyone. Our goal is to bring back our vision of this game. If we can finish all maps in the following 1-2 month, then we will have several months left to work on alife, which is good, but still if we want quality work, we can't say that we will release it sooner than we first announced. Finally some screens about the old and our new maps in final engine:
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