Oleg Speaks On How Game Development Works

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A magazine by the name of Game.EXE that is popular in Russia, has an article with game developers answering questions. Some GSC Staff were included in the article. Oblivion-Lost has translated a snippet of what Oleg Yavorsky has said. Read below! [quote]Oleg Yavorsky: In S.T.A.L.K.E.R., levels are created by small teams of three people: a game designer, a level designer, and a programmer. The game designer plans out the level, and then takes his mad ideas to the level designer. The level designer makes big round eyes, hears him out, groans, and starts creation of the playing field. Our levels are large - 2 sq. km, on average. With our high amount of detail, a mass of time gets spend on creation of each level. To just compile a level in final quality for the DX8 renderer takes 40 to 60 hours. Upon creating the first model of the level, the level designer checks it with the game designer, and, grinding his teeth, does it over. Then, the level is transfered into the gameplay programmer's capable hands. It is this person the fun factor depends on, as well as a large portion of the general game impression. This is why the gameplay coders are the people that we regard...[/quote] Source: [url=http://www.stalker-game.ru/russian/index.php?t=news&id=184&s=news&page=0]Official Russian Stalker Site[/url]
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