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Published by FFxSTALKERx 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


I felt a need to repost this news post from back on May 27th since recently I have had to go through the POTD submissions and delete about 30 duplicates.

I will stress this point again, if your submission isn't put up on the site right away DO NOT RESUBMIT IT a week down the road. Below is the original news post for your reading pleasure. Naturally the dates and numbers are a bit off, as of right now there are 162 (after deleting the duplicates) POTD submissions waiting in the queue.

FFxSTALKERx S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Files Site Admin


Picture Of The Day - Everything you ever wanted to know (and some stuff you didn't)

All right, due to popular demand (well, not really but due to a hell of a lot of bitching and moaning) I have decided to explain how the POTD submissions are handled on this site so that you, the visitor, may better understand how they are chosen, when they are put up, and why some (most?) of them suck.

As of right now (May 27th at 11:15 pm EST) there are 159 (Yes, ONE HUNDRED and FIFTY NINE) POTD submissions awaiting approval. About 10-15 of them would be what you guys seem to consider "good" and most of them would receive the same low scores and insults that seem to be common place for POTD's these days. Don't forget, you, the community are the ones who send these in to us. This is what we have to work with, so if you think the POTD's suck then submit something better.

How are they approved?

Well, as of right now the earliest submitted POTD is from 05-16-2007 and the latest is from 5-26-2008. They are not, unlike some other sites, approved in the order that they are submitted. This has been done on this site for as long as I have been here and during the previous admins term as well. The staff tries their best to get a variety of different subjects approved in the POTD's. You wouldn't believe how many camp fire death POTD's I've had. We get a lot of the same stuff submitted and we try to weed out repeats but we are only human and I can only remember 5 minutes ago let alone last week so occasionally some will slip through.

With several new POTD's submitted each week this number is ever growing and a lot of the time there are similar pictures so we save those for a while and they may not get approved for days, weeks, or even months. If your submission isn't approved the day after you submit just remember we have 150+ submissions to go through!! DO NOT submit your POTD again if it isn't submitted. I occasionally have to go through and usually delete 20+ duplicate pictures because the person re-uploaded it.

Why are some of the captions changed?

Lets face it, not everyone is a literary genius and English isn't everyones first language. Some of the user submitted captions just plain suck. I'd say there is a 60/40 split for unchanged/changed captions on this site. Most of the time the changes that will be made is capitalization or spelling errors that need fixed but on occasion the entire submitted caption is trashed an a new one is thought up by the staff member that is validating the POTD. We try to use the user captions as much as possible because we rely on the community, thats you guys/gals, and we show that by your fan art, music, files, and POTD submissions.

If you have any further questions on the POTD process or comments, suggestions just post them below (but remember to follow the rules or I'll sic my pet bloodsucker on you)


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