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Published by FFxSTALKERx 14 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
Many thanks to dezoder for the update on his mod. Check out their full site [url=""]here[/url]. [quote]We would like to inform You, that we are still alive, we were away for a while, because we worked hard on our stuff, and we think we should inform the fans with a big update about what is going on here in dez0wave team. :) so whats new: - factory level issues - deadcity models construction - outskirts of deadcity screens at "what new levels would you like to see... " topic - adding a better merc base to agroprom - all old crashes fixed - plr wpn mod 2.5 added - xStream's ai pack added - barin made a new scheme for salutating, so now the soldiers will do that if they see you - last week we added a zombie quest video to youtube (sorry to forgot to mention it here) - all existing new wpn models added to the mod (mg42, ppsh, p90, pkm, ak47, saiga12c, tt33, new lr300) - new all.spawn was recreated, so no more "invalid vertex error" so lets see it... 1. Factory level issue: we have over 4million faces on the map, and 1 sector is too weak for such detailed levels. just wanted to say, that the npp in shoc uses only 2million faces, and military warehouse 1.8million... so we need to reduce the level unfortunately, but still will be cool do not worry. also we are doing portals and sectors for the level, at least 3-4 more, since its needed for a successful compilation. 2. Deacity models construction: we recreated the most famous building from deadcity, but still 2 left. so we are working hard now, and i hope we can report with good news soon! screens: 3. Outskirts of Deadcity and the city itself it's just a testing stuff, will be added to deadcity map later, or a separated suburban city style stuff, haven't decided it yet. let's see some screens: (draft mode) outskirts: and deadcity: and finally a video: 4. Better merc base we add patrols, new camp sites, and some blockpost objects so there will be a small fort some screens: 5. All annoying bugs are fixed I guess you still remember the not properly set traders, the random crash on death, and lagging.... well these are fixed now :) 6. Plr's realistic weapon mod 2.5: yep we found it better, and added it, tested it, fixed some issues, and i think its perfect. a bit hard, but challenging... 7. xStream's ai-pack: It adds more realism to the game, stalkers throw grenades, they heal themselves, and their mates, they drag the bodies out of the fire... and some other more cool features. 8. Barin 's scheme: now the soldiers will salutate, when they see you, but it also depends on reputation... and if they are in combat, they won't stop to say hi Also the commanders won't salutate, since you're "just" a lieutenant... 9. Zombie quest: there will be a quest in cordon... since we have old zombies why not use them for quests? you will need to find a military guy, who is missing, and well... check the video, that will explain everything: video: 10. New weapons: yep because they are popular... we added them to priboi. they look good, the animations are fine. (ak47, ppsh, mg42, tt33, saiga12c, bm16long rifle, pkm, p90 ...etc) 11. New all.spawn: New all.spawn for the new patch. This eliminates that annoying, but rare (many players never noticed it) crash at new game start. It is a good timing, since for the next patch new game start is required. :) Finally, if you think you can help us with modeling, contact us! ([/quote]
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