Weekly Poll Results - Are you still playing?

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Published by FFxSTALKERx 10 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Are you still playing?

Yes! 57.5% (383)

I'll start playing it again 23.5% (157)

No! 15.4% (103)

Don't own the game(s) 3.4% (23)

Total: 666
Start: 02-22-2009 10:13
Last: 03-05-2009 03:35

 #1 - Posted by: Fallenrelic (Member) on 02-22-2009 at 10:35
Yes! ShoC atleast.

 #2 - Posted by: NaNaNa (Member) on 02-22-2009 at 11:00
They're running out of poll ideas!

 #3 - Posted by: henk_devill (Member) on 02-22-2009 at 12:48
this game never dies (talking bout shoc then)(if arsenal comes out for clear sky, ill definatly play it again)

 #4 - Posted by: SpeedCanHurt (Member) on 02-22-2009 at 16:33
I keep telling myself I'll play it again one day... but at the moment my SoC install is corrupt and I can't play more than half an hour into the game, and I have to do another version of VFire that's fully compatible with the new patches before I go back to playing CS. So, one day... maybe.

 #5 - Posted by: LoNer1 (Member) on 02-26-2009 at 10:31
i cant stop playing because i've priboi

 #6 - Posted by: LoNer1 (Member) on 02-26-2009 at 10:32
i have an idea....wy are ther guys/girls here that don own the game???

 #7 - Posted by: SpeedCanHurt (Member) on 02-28-2009 at 01:53
Because whoever came up with this poll couldn't think of a fourth option. :)

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