Weekly Poll Results - Do you mind the week delay?

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Published by FFxSTALKERx 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Do you mind the week delay?

Not really, it's only a week... 35.8% (207)
Hell yes I mind it!!! 31.3% (181)
It was delayed? 18.5% (107)
I wasn't going to get it till later anyways... 11% (64)
Don't care, not buying it... 3.1% (18)
Total: 577
Start: 08-22-2008 07:40
Last: 08-29-2008 11:35

 #1 - Posted by: stalker4ever (Member) on 08-22-2008 at 08:45

that wont be a big tregedy for me:)but i hope it wont be delayed:furious:

 #2 - Posted by: hoju (Member) on 08-22-2008 at 11:24

Well the game is done already, theres just some problems that you can hear from news everyday so it's delayed a bit (and it seems to be released in some parts of Russia) . I don't still understand how Georgia thing concerns this :rolleyes:

 #3 - Posted by: donib (Member) on 08-23-2008 at 03:54


 #4 - Posted by: J_picard (Member) on 08-23-2008 at 05:29

ha ha my auntie works in a game store so i get clear sky before its on the shelf (about a week or two earlier)

 #5 - Posted by: Joel8160 (Member) on 08-23-2008 at 09:31

Damn! it got delayed!?!? oh well. I actually need some MONEy before I even buy the game. I think it's 40€ or sumtin. yeah. i live in europe.

 #6 - Posted by: WabiD (Member) on 08-23-2008 at 14:05

Bleh. I had planned a STALKER grinding week before the delay was announced, damnit! I think it's a tad annoying, but I guess it's nothing that'll kill you. I just hope they won't post-pone it any further.

 #7 - Posted by: catsimboy (Member) on 08-26-2008 at 10:55

Why do we even have digital distribution like Steam if they're not going to use it to get past crap like this? With Steam they don't have to worry as much about piracy, so come on, RELEASE IT NOW!

 #8 - Posted by: FourAces (Member) on 08-28-2008 at 18:50

The delay is not for piracy issues or Georgia, its for the bugs. I will trade a week for something that is more stable on release day. Bandits running across the sky, missing textures, and physics problems (massive clipping) have all been reported. I think the early birds are detecting the poison gas right now, so I am not jealous. I thank them for their hard work in getting this ready for EU and NA distribution day.

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