Weekly Poll Results - How many times have you beaten Clear Sky?

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Published by FFxSTALKERx 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


How many times have you beaten Clear Sky?

Once or twice... 33.7% (245)
I haven't beat it yet! 29.7% (216)
I don't even have the game! 22.3% (162)
I've beaten it more than three times!!! 14.1% (103)
Total: 726
Start: 01-27-2009 16:54
Last: 02-13-2009 20:30

 #1 - Posted by: LoNer1 (Member) on 01-28-2009 at 04:56

maybe it is just me but i like soc more because i actually dont have right systems for cs. look rubbish:P

 #2 - too many bugs - Posted by: m3ordie (Member) on 01-28-2009 at 05:23

i cant even play the game it crashes when i try to load it. soc was one of the best games i ever played and i was so pumped to get this game but i cant even load it.please help me x ray bug problem

 #3 - Posted by: TheCraziestMonkey (Member) on 01-28-2009 at 06:26

Haven't beaten it yet. Mods have seen to that :) Also, why does everyone have so many problems with CS? I've never encountered a single crash and my FPS is just fine. I think I found a few minor bugs, but that's about it.

 #4 - Posted by: satry (Member) on 01-28-2009 at 06:51

I've got the rig to max it but don't play it often. Too many stalkers everywhere, it feels like a circus.Nowhere near as good as SOC.

 #5 - Posted by: Orchidea (Member) on 01-28-2009 at 07:27

Made it to the forester like 5 times, been disturbed by mods + patches.. so i've started like 8 new games.. bah

 #6 - Posted by: chug_muffin (Member) on 01-29-2009 at 12:22

Never completed it. Got to the forest area, had customized kit and all, had put loads of time into doing it well, and it crashed at every instance, about 20 seconds after loading. No mods, no nothing. I was really peeved,a dn had no intention of starting from scratch again after all the effort i'd put into it, so i uninstalled it and lent it to a friend, but sometime in the future i'll complete it.

 #7 - Posted by: SpeedCanHurt (Member) on 01-29-2009 at 15:06

Once. I've started it over like fifteen times, but bugs have broken about ten of those games and I just couldn't be bothered finishing the other few. Hopefully GSC still plans to release a patch that fixes ALL the gamebreaking bugs.

 #8 - Posted by: stev (Member) on 01-30-2009 at 22:09

Played through and erased forever. Stalker one was much better After frustrating through unaimable weapons and weapons that only jam at critical times with 5-6-7-8 jams in a row The ending was the upmost lamest noone missed anything special

 #9 - Posted by: Z4zaa (Member) on 02-08-2009 at 09:32

I think the first part in the swamps was masterful, it had the perfect SHOC feeling to it but then the end of limansk - hospital was way too hard, my ammo and kits were out, and they still put in a chopper!?! Also it ended a bit too sudden....

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