S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

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All Files In This Category
Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Master Mod Patch Asus83 8KB 208
STALKER Skies Cambragol 26.57MB 24,826
Grumpy's STALKER Mod Patch Grumpy 5KB 245
Basix natasha8384 27.27MB 1,437
Weight Mod Guest 10KB 11,327
Welcome to the Zone TKMR 1.25MB 1,031
Patch for MFM-I Massimo 1.2MB 298
Turgo's Edited Advanced Mapping System Turgo 963KB 1,425
New Bar Management Heru 5.17MB 523
X-46 Advanced Battlearmor Suit Moshpit 93KB 1,723
Realism Mod Fabio83 782KB 2,734
Scarecrow Self Made Exoskeleton Roman Glebenkov 113KB 2,547
Motor´s Modded Melange of Mods by other modders Motorbitch 15.53MB 130
Girl on TV Heru 1.35MB 7,053
Huxtle Stalker Mod huztlaz 249KB 4,927
Jin-Roh MOD 174@2ch 957KB 2,680
Sid's Repair Shop Kyodan 20KB 3,127
Lighting Bolt Remover ost3g0 12KB 1,359
S.H.'s Detection Mod stiangud@online.no 224KB 407
Trader Mod Balnazzar 3.47MB 3,334
Reality Enhancement Mod Solecist 1.68MB 10,980
Endurance Mod gullgotha 166KB 3,697
S.H.'s Detection Mod v1.0001 *Updated* stiangud@online.no 224KB 9,748
Trader Mod Balnazzar 3.49MB 85,325
Endurance Mod gullgotha 166KB 51,257
Non Degrading Armor gullgotha 2KB 9,512
Armor Decay Mod PiIsARational 4KB 14,541
No Time Limits on Quests Mod PiIsARational 7KB 47,996
Prefetch Tweak Mod PiIsARational 10KB 9,889
Raw's Revamp Mod tharawdeal 171KB 636
No Headbobbing Mini Mod PiIsARational 4KB 11,372
Moon's STALKER Mini Mod Moonracer1313 37KB 1,906
Real Gun Names Mod Kyodan 8KB 6,715
Raw's Revamp Mod tharawdeal 188KB 3,048
Repair Mod (Italian Only) Shebuka 240KB 203
Item Drop Mod Roman Glebenkov 117KB 5,746
X-46 Advanced Battlearmor Moshpit 343KB 4,295
STALKER Artifact mod underwhelmed 5KB 4,358
STALKER Accuracy Mod underwhelmed 4KB 7,507
RuNam Mod Lexx2k 192KB 2,016
SagerSTALK Single Player Mod Sager 3.62MB 3,063
YET ANOTHER STALKER MINI MOD (Y.A.S.M.M.) Presskohle 329KB 1,995
New Weapon Names (French) Lasticot 15KB 1,034
Suit Upgrade Mod Roman Glebenkov 136KB 1,493
STALKER Quest Mod Azzer 7KB 4,958
Scarecrow Self Made Exoskeleton Roman Glebenkov 96KB 585
HUD and Blood pseudoant 571KB 1,646
Repair Mod (English/Russian/Italian) Shebuka 267KB 2,411
Anti-Radiation Leather Jacket Roman Glebenkov 105KB 2,921
Lexx's Antigas Armor Mod Lexx2k 4.53MB 1,142