S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

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All Files In S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl Singleplayer
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Singleplayer Master Mod Patch

FRENCH : !!! A installer !!! Ce patch corrige une erreur sur les fichiers du mod, les munitions et armes peuvent maintenant réappara...


Singleplayer Basix Monstrosity

Basix Monstrosity v1.1 This is a variation on my Basix Mod (a singleplayer mod) that adds more numerous and new monsters/mutants to the g...


Singleplayer STALKER Skies

STALKER Skies is a great mod it makes the skies look so real...if you don't have this mod do yourself a favor and get it, you won't regret i...


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Singleplayer Grumpy's STALKER Mod Patch

This is a small patch to fix some issues with Grumpy's STALKER Mod that could result in FPS slowdowns Requires [url="http://stalker.fil...


Singleplayer Basix

This mod makes the game more realistic in terms of the equipment you get to "save the world". Like the author says, no one is going to send...


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Singleplayer Faiakes Mod (No Fog)

Another great edition the the Faiakes mod!!! This version should work with the new 1.0003 patch. This mod does not have the Fog from the...


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Singleplayer Weight Mod

This mod increases the weight limit to 2500. At 2250 you slow down, at 2500 you completely stop.


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Singleplayer Welcome to the Zone

V0.3 of the "Welcome to the Zone" mod... 1. Created a new weapon for the game. The AK-47. It still looks, and sounds like, an AK...


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Singleplayer Patch for MFM-I

This patch fixes a respawn error for MaxFinalMOD There is a c...


Singleplayer Turgo's Edited Advanced Mapping System

Here's an edited version of the nifty Advanced Mapping System[/url...


Singleplayer New Bar Management

This mod places the bar under new management. Maybe someone finally got tired of all those PA announcements.


Singleplayer X-46 Advanced Battlearmor Suit

This mod adds a cool new suit to the game.


Singleplayer Realism Mod

This mod makes the weapons in the game more realistic by altering their damage values. This mod also corrects any rate of fire, bullet speed...


Singleplayer Scarecrow Self Made Exoskeleton

This mod adds a new suit to the game, a self made exoskeleton by the STALKER Scarecrow. This suit gives you pretty good protection from all...


Singleplayer Motor´s Modded Melange of Mods by other modders

This mod is a mash up of several of the most popular mods out there. It ups your carrying capacity, weapon damage, zoom levels, accuracy...


Singleplayer Girl on TV

This mod replaces the boring stuff on the TV's in the game to a much more interesting dancing women, which is what you would THINK would be...


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Singleplayer Huxtle Stalker Mod

This mod changes many aspects of the SP game. Check the Read Me below!!


Singleplayer Jin-Roh MOD

This mod is based off of the Japanese film "Jin-Roh" and adds an extremely powerful suit and gun to the game.


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Singleplayer Sid's Repair Shop

This mod gives Sidorovich the ability to repair all of your damaged weapons and armor. The cost to repair your stuff is half the normal pric...


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Singleplayer Lighting Bolt Remover

This mod removes the lightning bolts from the game.


Singleplayer S.H.'s Detection Mod

Lots of changes in this mod, check the Read Me below!


Singleplayer Trader Mod

Here's a mod that will unlock all items available in the game. Extract it to your Stalker directory, and fire up your (singleplayer) game. M...


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Singleplayer Reality Enhancement Mod

This mod changes a lot of things in the game, check the readme below.


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Singleplayer Endurance Mod

This mod increases the amount of stuff you can carry. Good mod for those ammo hoarders.