S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

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All Files In S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl STALKERs
STALKERs Rookie Stalker Outfit Re-skin

Here is a really cool re-skin of the Rookie Stalker outfit. Instead of that odd tan/beige coat, you get "an authentic Russian military rain...


STALKERs Remastered Bandit Skin

This skin will replace the default bandit skin with a newer, custom designed one, which includes red/black/white camouflage pants, as well a...


STALKERs Multicam Style Stalker Suit Skin

This mod adds a new skin to the game, and replaces the standard "Stalker Suit"


STALKERs Rookie Bandit Flannel Jacket

This mod replaces the original leather jackets worn by the bandits in the game with new flannel shirts.


STALKERs Maroon Bandits

This mod reskins the regular bandit jacket to a maroon quilted jacket.


STALKERs Scientist Suit Reskins

This mod changes the color of the red and green scientist suits. That's pretty much it.


STALKERs X-46 Advanced Battlearmor Suit

The extremely popular X-46 Advanced Battlearmor Suit is back and looking better than ever!!!! Suit Characteristics: 1. Heavy fl...


STALKERs Ghillie Suit SVD

This mod reskins the master bandit suit to look like a ghillie suit, and resins the SVD and SVU to be camouflaged.


STALKERs YoJimbo's Exo Suit

This mod reskins the Exo Suit in the game to have a grayish look to it.


STALKERs Ghillie Suit SVD

Just a small update to the v1.0 Ghillie Suit mod. -fully ghillie-style camo master bandit suit -2 retextured snipers (svd and s...


STALKERs Finnish Ex-military Stalkers

This mod reskins the rookie stalkers in the game to look like Finnish Ex-Military. They have patterened coats and grey gloves.


STALKERs Hand Texture Replacements

This mod gives you the option of choosing from several retextured hands. -U.S ACU camouflage and full gloves -Russian fake camouf...


STALKERs Exoskeleton Reskin Pack

This mod contains seven versions of the exoskeleton suit. Remember, you can only use ONE at a time. This mod requires the [url="http:...


STALKERs Rookie Reskin

This mod reskins the Rookie in the game to have a nice black coat.


STALKERs Black Night Stalker

This mod makes the Stalker Suit have a dark grey/black look. This mod requires the Trader Mod if you want to get it from the start of the...


STALKERs Camo Stalker Suit

This mod changes the Stalker Suit to have a nice camo pattern, similar to the camo weapon packs.


STALKERs Jamies Exoskeleton Black pack

This mod has five exoskeleton suits for you to choose from. 1.Black and Red (Same as duty one in the first Exo pack i made but i...



This mod reskins the SEVA Suit to have a nice camo pattern.


STALKERs Jamies Armour Reskin pack

This is a Armour Reskin pack which contains reskins for diffrent kinds of armour...


STALKERs Russian tiger stripe Merc suit

Changes the mercenaries skin to a Russian blue tiger stripe pattern...


STALKERs Rookie Skinpack

This mod adds in 8 new unique skins for the Rookie's in the game. This gives the game a wider variety so the STALKERs don't all look the s...


STALKERs Glove and Sleeve Reskins

This mod gives you different choices of hand, arm, and glove reskins.


STALKERs Siro's Monolith Pack

This is a re-skin of the Monolith faction. I think I wasn't the only one who thought "hm...winter camo in autumn. A little bit early an...


STALKERs Merc Retexture Mod

This mod reskins all the Merc's in the game. There is a merc camo and seva suit added in this version.