S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

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All Files In This Category
Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Rookie Stalker Outfit Re-skin KnifeInFace 3.7MB 3,754
Remastered Bandit Skin scotTHC 733KB 937
Multicam Style Stalker Suit Skin 2mhcjswo 752KB 1,385
Rookie Bandit Flannel Jacket KnifeInFace 2.74MB 529
Maroon Bandits Warpig 696KB 199
Scientist Suit Reskins jamie1992 1MB 169
X-46 Advanced Battlearmor Suit Moshpit 1.79MB 6,061
Ghillie Suit SVD Giv_em_hell 1.95MB 233
YoJimbo's Exo Suit YoJimbO 9.67MB 575
Ghillie Suit SVD Giv_em_hell 3.24MB 1,399
Finnish Ex-military Stalkers JeLah 3.48MB 277
Hand Texture Replacements Sajeezzar 1.02MB 2,047
Exoskeleton Reskin Pack jamie1992 5.89MB 335
Rookie Reskin Deathloc 3.28MB 227
Black Night Stalker jamie1992 668KB 513
Camo Stalker Suit natasha8384 1.76MB 1,019
Jamies Exoskeleton Black pack jamie1992 3.58MB 318
CAMO SEVA SUIT natasha8384 2MB 1,133
Jamies Armour Reskin pack jamie1992 3.15MB 278
Russian tiger stripe Merc suit 2mhcjswo 2.08MB 1,024
Rookie Skinpack WhatPayne 5.31MB 1,579
Glove and Sleeve Reskins Marco_M 2.76MB 1,249
Siro's Monolith Pack Siro_Dracosin 1.65MB 370
Merc Retexture Mod EggChen 7.43MB 771
Flannel Arms Reskin mmtg 494KB 84
Leather Pants for Bandits scotTHC 568KB 208
Camo STALKER Suit Marco_M 2.66MB 585
African American Trader (Sidorovich) skin scotTHC 763KB 131
Stalker Suit with backpack lukass1613 194KB 552
Miliitary Stalker Reskin 1.0 Camo_ninja 1.76MB 248
Exo Reskin Camo_ninja 1.33MB 314
Merc Captain EggChen 443KB 237
SoundPath's Amateur Stalker Skinpack SoundPath 2.91MB 260
Old version of Marked one face lukass1613 277KB 302
Jamies exoskeleton jamie1992 718KB 127
Siro's British Soldier Pack Siro_Dracosin 998KB 319
Merc Retexture Mod EggChen 4.09MB 694
New Alba Exo Texture DegeneroCo 626KB 257
Duty "Red Camo" Retexture Pack by Degenero DegeneroCo 3.17MB 293
Clear Sky Faction suit Ulfen 8.63MB 862
Winter Re-skin Pack for Some Factions xRatx 10.13MB 101
Winter Re-skin Suits for Some Factions (1.1) xRatx 14.37MB 220
New Exo Texture "Army of Two Style" DegeneroCo 1.89MB 202
Jamies Exoskeleton V2 jamie1992 588KB 7,143
Camo_ninjas Hotrod Exoskeleton Reskin Camo_ninja 1.22MB 15,909
Afghan War Suit Elvis_Scatter 1MB 107
Exo Scary Clown Skeleton 3000 KastaRules 479KB 105
Reaper's Duty Reskin ReaperPL 7.38MB 301
Exo Skin & Icons for OL2.2+Arsenal Mod Sae_FULL 3.88MB 171
Camo_Ninja's Military Stalker Re-skin Camo_ninja 1.39MB 131
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