S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

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All Files In This Category
Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Ballistics Mod Hyperion_1400 7KB 156
Gnomus's Scopes For Clear Sky Part 1 Gnomus 654KB 1,537
Gosuke Weapon Mod 4 gosuke 2.51MB 275
Real Weapon Names for Clear Sky Amraam 8KB 1,423
Ballistics Mod v.4 Hotfix Hyperion_1400 4KB 310
Better Weapon Sounds JoshuaC1 498KB 411
Better Weapon Sounds JoshuaC1 524KB 2,247
Ultimate Weapon Collection giannidecavele 32.22MB 3,228
Calibrated Scopes and Reticles PieJesu 5.55MB 1,416
Ballistics mod Hyperion_1400 147KB 460
Improved Weapon Sounds and Textures TheDarkShrew 5.33MB 667
Real Weapon Names for Clear Sky Amraam 8KB 1,882
Ballistics Mod Hyperion_1400 32.29MB 330
Realistic Weapons and Ballistics by Tw33kR Tw33kR 102KB 973
TOZ-34 zoom mod Christian 4KB 150
Alienz Full Auto PB_PM alienzerox 510KB 122
Realistic Weapons and Ballistics by Tw33kR Tw33kR 106KB 1,644
CS-Black Detailed Grey H&K MP5 Joro 973KB 242
Clear Sky Weapon Damage Reptile4077 148KB 644
Reality mod M!ch3L 146KB 192
Ballistics Mod Hyperion_1400 155KB 475
Vandalised Firearms SpeedCanHurt 271KB 105
Vandalised Firearms SpeedCanHurt 806KB 341
AK-47 for Clear Sky TheDarkShrew 3.39MB 894
Alienz Pistol Pack alienzerox 1.3MB 209
Real Weapon Name CS Eng-Ita Oresias 161KB 266
Alienz Hand Cannon alienzerox 419KB 131
Vandalised Firearms SpeedCanHurt 809KB 251
Vandalised Firearms SpeedCanHurt 764KB 617
Gauss Pulse Rifle J_picard 3KB 183
Ballistics Mod Hyperion_1400 182KB 1,418
Gosuke Weapon Mod 4 gosuke 315KB 344
4Aces Clear Sky Weapon Textures 4Aces 38.44MB 700
Ballistics mod v.41 Hyperion_1400 170KB 245
Basix GFXm-CS-icon Wquipment Fix from PURKE62 PURKE62 623KB 651
Gosuke Weapon Mod 4 gosuke 866KB 381
Weapon Fixes eeeeddd37 149KB 223
Weapon Fixes (with weapon idle animation) eeeeddd37 145KB 340
Gosuke Weapon Mod 5 gosuke 2MB 454
New Berreta Skins (2 versions) TNT16 156KB 72