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All Files In S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl Weapons
Weapons BosnisHazard´s AK74 Skin Pack

>>>>>>>>>>BosnisHazard´s AK74 Skin Pack


Weapons Kambo Knife

This is a texture mod of the knife for S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow Of Chernobyl. The blade was retextured from the existing vanilla knife model, a...


Weapons AK 74 - Wood Reskin (Brown/Black magazine)

This is a reskin of the AK 74 for Clear Sky.


Weapons BosnisHazard´s MP5

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BosnisHazard´s MP5


Weapons BosnisHazard´s MP5 Skin Pack

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BosnisHazard´s MP5 Skin Pack


Weapons Black Desert Eagle

A nice reskin for desert eagle,one of the best weapons in stalker.hope you'll enjoy it.This is my second skin so please rate and comment.


No Screenshot
Weapons AS VAL/Vintorez Retexture by Millenia

I retextured the whole thing. Contains both the VSS and the VAL since they share the same texture. Enjoy!


Weapons IL 86 Texture Tweak

The L85A1 (otherwise known as the IL 86 in the zone) had a cover on the flash eliminator(??!!), so I took it off, and tweaked the colours a...


Weapons Reaper's Warsaw Pact Weapons Reskin

PL Oto paczka tekstur dla broni: SWD, AK-74S, AKS-74U, WSS Wintoriez i AS Wał wraz z bumpmapami i ikonami. AK-74S i AKS-74U nie maj&...


No Screenshot
Weapons SSDangerdoom's Sig550 reskin

SSDangerDooms Sig550 Skin This is just a reskin of the sig 550, i found that the stock one wasnt quite up to...


Weapons Custom Makarov

Teh Snake's & DaBurner's Custom Makarov These screenshots were re-sized from 1600x1200. They do not represent Full in-game quality....


Weapons Reaper's Photo-Realistic SVD & AK-74S

PL Oto reskin dla SWD oraz AK-74S. Tekstury są w większości wzięte z oryginalny zdjęć co pozwoliło no...


Weapons Beretta-92F -TEXTURE-

This mod reskins the Beretta 92 F. It also tweaks the weapon to have better condition, range and hit power.


Weapons Polymer SVD

This skin changes the old plastic handguards for more realistic "polymer handguards" to make the SVD look like most modern versions (it als...


Weapons Colt-1911- Texture -

This mods reskins the Colt 1911 in the game. It is a great quality reskin, just check out the screenshot below.


Weapons Wooden SVD

This skin changes the SVD Dragunov with a plastic handguard and the stock has been made more realistic.


Weapons USMC K-Bar Knife

This mod reskins the knife to look like the K-Bar knife used by the USMC.


Weapons Baretta And TOZ34 Retexture

This mod retextured the Baretta M9 and the TOZ-34.. See the readme for full details.


No Screenshot
Weapons Weapon Fixes

-eliminates weapon idle animation and sound (no more standing still and weapon going up in the air or player unloading/reloading weapon) -r...


Weapons Beretta And TOZ34 Retexture

This is an update of the original version and this is the final version of the skin. This mod reskins the Beretta and the TOZ34


Weapons New Vintorez Skin

This is a skin for the VSS Vintorez and AS Val and should make the weapons much more realistic looking. Enjoy! German Das ist ein...


Weapons 3 New Weapon Skins

This mod adds in new skins for the Viper5, Martha (Beretta) and Desert Eagle.


Weapons Minipatch for Reaper's Warsaw Pact Weapons Reskin PR



Weapons BosnisHazard´s LR-300 Camo Skin Pack

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BosnisHazard´s LR-300 Camo Skin Pack


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