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All Files In S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl Weapons
Weapons SVD Custom Woodgrain Texture

This mod replaces the grips on the SVD to have a high res woodgrain texture.


Weapons Don Pete XVII's Weapon Retexturation Extravaganza

This mod retextures all the weapons in the game (except the Desert Eagle) It also has seven "bonus" textures as well.


Weapons AK74su Two-In-One Woodgrain Texture

This mod reskins the AK74-SU to have a nice woodgrain texture to it.


Weapons M9 Beretta Special Edition

This mod reskins the Beretta in the game to have a more realistic look, just take a look at the real gun below!


Weapons Dark Obokan

This mod reskins the Obokan in the game to have a dark texture to them.


Weapons Retextured PB

This mod reskins the PB int he game to either a black-brown or silver tan theme.


Weapons Reskinned Abakan

This mod reskins the AN-94 to have a clear magazine, wood stock, grip and handguard.



This mod reskins the - Z-M LR300 - AKS74U - AK74 - AN94 "Abakan" to have a neglected, unmaintained look.


Weapons DaBurners AK Reskin

This mod reskins the Abakan in the game to have a clear magazine, wooden stock, grip and handguard. There is also a non-clear version of...


Weapons Reskinned VintarBC/AKM/AKSU

This mod reskins the Vintar BC, AKM and AKSU in the game. They have a greyish/black look to them now. AKM changes: -New black fro...


Weapons Camo Sniper Rifle Reskins

This mod replaces the skins for the SVDm2, SVUmk2, and Vintar BC with new camo skins.


Weapons Big Hunt TOZ-34

This mod introduces in the game a new special version of the Toz 34 shotgun, modified for the big hunt.


Weapons Modern Colt 1911

This mod reskins the Colt 1911 pistol in the game. It gives it a much more modern look.


Weapons Siro's Tactical Pistolet Makarova Mod

This is a basic mod that re-does the Makarov. I felt bad that my favorite handgun (which I actually own) is so underpowered, weak, and I fee...


Weapons POSP Widescreen Scope

This mod changes the POSP scopes in the game to the style used in Call of Duty 4. Works best on a widescreen resolution.


Weapons Siro's Two-Tone USP Compact

This is a new skin for the USP. It's based off the amazing 2215 Beta skin of the same weapon. I got a request for an HL2 style USP as well,...


Weapons Siro's SPAS 12 Shotgun

A simple attempt by me to create a more realistic and better-looking SPAS-12 shotgun texture. I decided to merge the 2215 texture and the...


Weapons Enhanced Scope Reticles

This small texture mod aims to make a significant improvement over the default STALKER scope reticles. My purpose was the make the scopes so...


Weapons Scharfschutzen's Real M4a1

This is a M4a1 skin to replace the stock LR300. Ive always hated the LR300 that the developers put in and I could never figure out why they...


Weapons Siro's Modern IZh-79 Pistolet Makarova

This is a more modern version of the Makarov than the beta-style Soviet-Era Makarov skins that are available. The grip doesn't feature the...


Weapons Siro's Bakelite Mag Modern AKS-74M

A new skin I made of a modern AK-74 with a bakelite mag to further diversify the selection of STALKER AK-74 skins. Bakelite mags are compati...


Weapons Scharfschutzen's Real M4a1 FIXED

This is my version of the LR300 to look as much as a M4a1 as I possible could. In this version I added a better looking stock to go with the...


Weapons Scharfschutzen's Springfield M1911

Heres my second skin, a M1911 made by Springfield Armory, tell me what you think. And sorry no bump maps.


Weapons Abakan Camo

I was bored of the simple black Abakan rifle so I decided to make a skin for it.This mod ads some camo textures to the rifle and make it,in...