4Aces Mods for OL 2.2

This contains four separate mods that Rebalance Gun&Ammo, Alter Traders, Tweak Drop Rates, and Modify the Artifacts. Included is a fifth wh...


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This contains four separate mods that Rebalance Gun&Ammo, Alter Traders, Tweak Drop Rates, and Modify the Artifacts. Included is a fifth which is a compilation of all these. This allows you to customize your game, your way all with one little download. Included are the original files for easy uninstalling. Just copy the originals over the mod that you wish to uninstall. Installing/Uninstalling Guns&Ammo requires a new game.

Weapons are as realistic as possible without ruining the game. Pistols and short barreled shotguns are short ranged weapons. SMGs no longer do massive damage per shot, they do it through a high rate of fire. Ammunition has a larger effect, and is normalized to FMJ rounds. Shotgun slugs and darts are more effective than before.

Traders have new items at different points of the main story so check back often. They also have some randomization to their supplies, so it is not always the same from day to day. Their pricing is varied and they all specialize in some things. The new traders introduced in 2.2 (Merc, Bandit, and Army) only have one level of stock but it was expanded from the OL levels. There will be an update in a few days to expand their selections.

Dropped items are increased in variety, including artifacts.

Artifacts are completely rebalanced, including the new AMK artifeacts. It is much harder to become a superhero with these, and there is a greater emphasis on hunger modification. Once again I tried to make their effects logical. ;)

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Download '4aces_for_ol_2.2.7z' (108KB)

Four Aces collection of Mods

If you are updating then there is no need to start a new game, unless you just updated OL to 2.2 (it requires a new game for).

This is the whole collection of mods that I have done for Oblivion Lost 2.2.  In this folder you will find each separate mod category and the readme for each. The ALL4Aces folder has all of these combined to make it easier to install (copy and then past over your gamedata directory).  A copy of the original 2.2 files are included so that you can uninstall easily.  Each individual mod also has the original files that it changes so that if you install everything and decide that you do not like a particular mod, then you could uninstall just that one by copying those original files over the gamedata directory.

Note that uninstalling in this fashion may require a new game.  If you are experiencing crashing after uninstalling then this means that the save game is not compatible with the new configuration of files and that you need to restart.  This should only happen with the Guns 'n Ammo mod, so the others should be free of this problem.

The gamedata directory found in the All4Aces folder should be copied and pasted onto C:StalkerSOC )or wherever you installed it).  Overwrite the existing files with these ones.  If you wish to return to the original files then just copy the included 2.2 files into the same directory and overwrite the files again.  

If you do not know where to find the gamedata folder on your system, just right click on the shortcut (or startup menu icon) for Stalker, and then choose Properties at the bottom of the popup menu.  Then click on the "Open File Location" button and a new window will open with the gamedata directory.  You can close down the Stalker - Properties window at any time.  Now just copy over the gamedata folder and it will warn you that you are about to overwrite files (which is what you want), so allow it (copy and replace).  Do not worry, it is not erasing anything, it is simply replacing the original files with my edits of these original files.  When it is done you can close down any windows that are still open and start the game up and begin a new game if you installed this for the first time.

If you wish to use these files in your mod feel free, just tag me with credit and all is shiny.  :)

When you find a discrepancy, something that you think is not done correctly or some other error let me know at http://forums.filefront.com/s-t-l-k-e-r-soc-modding-editing/ in my Guns and Ammo thread.  Do not post in Kany's OL thread, since it could get you into trouble.

No textures, models, or sounds were harmed in the making of these mods.


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