4Aces UI and Map Upgrades

This is a texture upgrade for the User Interface and Maps in Clear Sky. The Maps are from LuxZg's 1.2 pack.


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This is a texture upgrade for the User Interface and Maps in Clear Sky. The Maps are from LuxZg's 1.2 pack.

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Download '4aces_ui_and_maps.7z' (28.51MB)

Thanks to LuxZg for letting me use his maps!

This is a graphical enhancement that sharpens the textures without using the shapen tool in Photoshop (or any of its clones).  This results in an almost 3D appearace to flat textures.  

In this pack you  will find the UI (User Interface) and Map textures.  This is to see if anyone is interested in me doing the rest of the textures with this process.

Backup any folder that is listed in case you want to uninstall.  Just copy and paste it beside the original, with the number 1 in front of it.  That way it is easy to find and you will always know that it is the backup.

To install follow step 1 and then past the gamedata directory contained in this file to that directory (C:Program Files (x86)Deep SilverS.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky).

To enable the use of any mod files you need to follow all four steps as well.

1) Right click on your Clear Sky icon, click on Properties  and then click on Open File Location.  Now move up one folder: XP - just click on the folder up icon, Vista - Click on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky in the address bar.

2)Open  fsgame.ltx with any text editor such as notepad.

3) Find the line that starts with $game_data$ = 
and replace it with this (just change the false to true) 
$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

4) Save the file and close it. 

This tells the game to look in the gamedata folder for any file that it can used before using it's normal (Vanilla) versions that are stored in files that you will never edit.  Since you are only placeing/replacing files in the gamedata directory you should never harm the original game.  If you want to return to the Vanilla CS then either delete the gamedata directory, or edit the fsgame.ltx file again and return the true to false.

Please contact me on the FileFront forums if you wish to use this mod in yours, or if you find any problems.

Site: http://fouracescw.googlepages.com/burningsky
Forum : http://forums.filefront.com/s-t-l-k-e-r-cs-modding-editing/382604-burning-sky.html#post4650322

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