A basic russian mod



This mod makes many changes to the game, from traders to spawns, weapons and everything else under the irradiated sun. See the Readme for full details!!!




How to install?

1. You need to download the version which you would like to play. There are separate downloads, one for 1.0004 and one for 1.0005, but there are no feature differences, the patch compatibility is the only reason. I decided to release 2 versions, so you don't need to install any patches, just the whole pack.

2. You must delete everything from the previous versions, and install a clean Oblivion Lost 2.2 without any side-mods!

3. You should edit the fsgame.ltx and at the gamedata line change both variables to true (one of them is already true)

4. Copy the content of the package to your Stalker gamedir (if you don't have a gamedata folder, don't worry, this mod will create it)

5. Read this info!

- All traders reworked, the repair prices based on your rank, added a new trader to Pripyat, balanced the spawning rates, fixed the insane respawn issues in the Sarcophagus and in Chernobyl NPP, and the mutant spawns rebalanced in the whole Zone.
Random types of mutants will appear on the ground and random types of artifacts will birth from anomalies after blowout, also in random places, and there is 25% chance to have a rare artifact in the later levels of the game.
Also probably you'll have better performance, some stutterings has been successfully eliminated.
I fixed the death on sleep issue by hunger, although it's still highly recommended to eat before sleep, because I didn't disable the hunger, just delayed it a bit.
And also all OL2.0-related bugs have been fixed, for example the controller issues at the Barrier, Skinflint's error, some annoying anomalies in the Dark Valley, etc, etc.
The damages of the blowout rebalanced, now it's possible to survive closer to the center of the Zone, but still very dangerous. Also some players reported the blowout disappeared after you completed the main story, now it's fixed, also sometimes the blowout interval was felt a bit constant, now it's more randomized and fixed.
Restored the Duty and the Loners to Wild Territory, also some of them unique.
The alcoholism feature has been disabled, but you can re-enable it in olp_mod.script by setting the alkohol variable to true.

- Some recipe descriptions were broken and messed up, now all of them fixed, no bugs anymore. But remember, not every anomalies accept the artifacts, if one of them doesn't, then try with an other.
Also now if the recipe giver stalker die before he can give it to you, then you can loot the recipe from his corpse, so you'll be sure to have all recipes.
Do not forget about the day-night cycle anomaly behaviour, if you kept that enabled.

Just put it in to your stalker directory. And play. 
it says that you need 1.0004 patch. but Iam playing with 1.0005
have fun.
And report any bugs but not to me,becouse I dont know how to fix this ;DDD

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