This mod changes many aspects of the game, and trys to make it more "true to life". All special weapons and suits have been removed so all t...


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This mod changes many aspects of the game, and trys to make it more "true to life". All special weapons and suits have been removed so all the weapons in the game are realistic. Artifacts and suits cost more and the pricing and weight system has been altered to align with reality also.

Check out the readme for a full change list.

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Download 'a_stalker_mod_v1.0.zip' (9.05MB)

////////// A  STALKER  MOD  v1.0 \\\\\     ==> By LT. :)

General Information
After about 400 hours of modding I finally finished it.
This mod changes many aspects of the game (see below).  
This mod contains another mods script and ideas (see below).

Changes in Game
1.	Weapons:
Weapons have price increased, I took real gun prices from websites.

Weapons characteristics like muzzle velocity now complain with real life.

I removed those modified weapons that have less weight and have more power than original, now all guns have the same name and characteristics. (Ex: Abakan and Abakan (PSO-1) are just Abakan).

Desert Eagle now uses .50 rounds.

Weapons names are real life names.

2.	Artifacts:
Artifacts cost 5x more

3.	Suits:
Suits cost 10x more.

Added more 12 suits (Thanks to Lexx's Antigas-Armor-Mod v4.0).
One of the Antigas Mod exoskeleton now can carry 200Kg, and is able to run, but it cost 999990 Ru.

I removed those modified suits that have more resistance than original, now all suits have the same name and characteristics.

4.	Items:
Many items prices and weights change according to reality.

Added DETECTOR MOD 1.1 by Terminator149.

Many items that were without weight and price now have it.

5.	AI:
Humans vision and hearing changes. Now you can stab them.

Humans can panic (Because some bugs I made it very rare).

6.	NPCs:
NPCs now can buy all stuff from you.

NPCs Money increased 10x.

NPCs can pick up guns from the ground and use it if better than his gun.

NPCs can use weapons you sell for them and use if better than his gun (just give them a loaded gun).

You can find money and take it from NPCs (Thanks to Speed aka LW. and his ABC mod).

7.	Weather:
All weather is changed, now it’s more realistic, all maps have the same weather, no more only dark maps.

Rotating sky.

Now days are really 24 hours.

Sun movement is correct now.

8.	Traders:
All traders sell much more, you can find everything for sell, except artifacts and monster parts (because have quests that objective is find it). Many stuff is rare to find at traders, for example the 999990 Ru exoskeleton is extremely rare.

Traders can repair your weapons and suits (Thanks to: Shebuka reapir mod and 74205 for English translation).

9.	Marked one:
You can sleep and dream in game (Thanks to: Speed aka LW.).

Food is a little more necessary and useful.

Food recuperates very low health.

Energy drink and vodka kill hungry too.

Bandages heal is very small.

Time heal is smaller.

10.	 Anomalies:
Anomalies are now more difficult to see, in most cases you only can see the hot air effect, and it makes detectors much more useful.

11.	Sounds:
Better sounds for guns, removed some annoying dialogs (Thanks to: Annoying Audio Fix (1.3) By Mtang).

12.	Others:
Quests now only give you good reputation.

Some quests reward changes.

New blood textures.

Added Carry Mod 3 by save. I removed those explosives.

How Install

Unpack zip file.

Copy the gamedata folder to your Stalker Main directory.

There is also a user.ltx file, this file contains some changes in graphics, the graphics look much better with the changes, make a copy of your user.ltx file that is probably in: C:\Users\Public\Documents\STALKER-SHOC then try this one, if you don’t like put your file back.

To see all mod functions running you must start a new game.

Know Bugs/Issues

Useful Information
To use the detectors you must attach them to your belt.
To sleep open your inventory and click twice on the sleep bag, a small window will pop up, select the hours you want to spend sleeping. 
ATTENTION: If you sleep too much you may die because you’re bleeding, or is very hungry, I suggest sleep at a maximum 3 hours, them wake up eat, and then sleep again.
At the very start of the game try to make money, buy a scoped weapon, so you can kill easier, also when you get enough money to buy the 999990 Ru exoskeleton and you find it at a trader, don’t think twice, buy it and enjoy.
I suggest playing in higher difficulty while using this mod.

lieutenant45 AT hotmail DOT com

Probably I’m missing to say something.

PS: Sorry for my bad English.

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