ABC - Advanced Balance and Collision

This mod changes many aspects of the single player game. It adds in more blood, new skins, new suits, more mutants, new textures, new weapon...


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This mod changes many aspects of the single player game. It adds in more blood, new skins, new suits, more mutants, new textures, new weapons, and it also balences the game to be more realistic.

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ABC - Advanced Balance and Collision mods.
Autor: Speed aka LW.


General information:

This mod is not meant to make the game more easy or more hard.
when i finsihed this game for the 1st time and started to play again, i felt that "Cordon" was a litte bit boring and that npcs had super powers and in many levels they respawn too fast, but i thought the game was already really cool and i only wanted to do a litte mod without changing the game conception, hence you wont get all the goodies when you start, otherwise it would be cheap and boring, you will need to explore and make money. 
So i started to tweak a few things, like field of view, fog, respawn, weather, etc... and the weapons for me, it was already well balanced, despite others says, i even tried to install
some weather mods, but some of them were kind, like 2pm looking like 10pm or 8m like 5pm, so i tried to make the day more clear and the night more dark, i also added different sky textures, anyway 
this mod attempt to make the game more balenced with the A-Life more wild, so i tried really hard to make a balance beween hard and easy and if you want it to be more hard, just go main menu and
choose another type of difficult, "Stalker" for me is fine, i really recommend that level and to start a new game, because cordon is full of surprises, it may look a little bit more hard, 
but you will have alot more options to play, you will be able to do stealth kills, knife npcs while they are reloading, belt is bigger now, so whenver you kill some1, make sure you get all the goodies from the corpses, you ill have time to loot, don't worry, i say this, because i 
increased the number of enemys and mutants, with carry mod you ill be able to lift anything, like boxs, barrels and you can buy explosives from traders, it really add more options to fight.
The game still the same, just more wild now, but it's not a doom game, so you will see some weird stuffs and some times it will be scary.
This mod dont have any sound, so if you want, install your sounds from another mod and then install this mod.

PS: Be wise and save your ammo, you dont need to freak out and shot every mutant or dogs, just knife them :) like boars, flesh, dogs, etc...  thuskanos are very hard to hit.


- Belt with 7 slots

- 3 new unique suits(see pictures), related more or less with the game story, these suits are very expensive and are not meant to "cheat", there is no BS features, but it's better than others, so to get them, it will be almost a new mission, you will need to make some money, it's not hard to make money, you will be able to loot much more. i recomend to get one of those before going to pripyat.
+30 suits: 3 unique suits from this mod, 12 suits from Antigas-Armor-Mod and all the others added via trader, there are more than 30, i didnt count.
PS: if you ever wanted to play with a suit ala Crysis, well it's possible now, i made one very similar, well i did my best, im not a phtoshop pro.

- Unique weapons: Super Gaus, Gauss Pistol, Zone TR 301(LR300 different texture and features), 2 MP5(one Golden mp5 and the other is a MP5 mod) which you can equip both of them on slot 1(pistol), all these weapons doesnt change the default weapons textures, you will be able to use all of them.
PS: the gauss pistol is good for close combat, i thought about making it a laser pistol, if i update this mod, ill try to make it a laser pistol.

- New Knives and Knives added to trader, though if you start a new game, Wolf will give you 2 knives, one is the default, but with a new texture and blood on it and the other one, is the same but without blood and gold details, see pictures.
HowTo Knife: to choose a knife, you must go to any stash, then you remove both knives, after you remove, you must choose which knife you want, then click 2 times to put you knife back on you bag, then click 2 times in the 2nd one, the 1st one will be automatic loaded into your slot, if you want to switch, just do the same steps, you can also do the same thing just by droping them with "G" key or through menu.
PS: you will see that you can add your knife to your belt, but you dont need to do it, to equip, you should just use the stash or drop method.

- knife now works, it's more fast and its lethal, the reach distance is bigger, you can really do CQB combat using only your knife, you can sprint and knife your enmy, it's real now, when the NPCs are reloading they gun, you will be able to knife them, you will be able to snake behind em, it's really nice. 
TIP: You can spring and use the second knife attack with the right button, so it wont make you stop. The knife its perfect to fight boars, flesh and others mutants, when you get the skill, you ill be able to fight almost any mutants with this knife, also snorks and bloodsuckers, you just need to find the correct angle, rodoents are a little bit hard, because they move too fast, crouching makes things more easy.

- Rambo on TV using a machine gun :D

- Hand textures are more sharp, i also added a tatto, it's a bar code and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. below it.

- Extra hand textures, at some point ingame you will see new textures, you will be able to use both at the same time, if you dont want to use them, then go textures/act folder and open "abc_default_hand" folder and copy "" to the previous folder "act".

- New Skins for Rookie, bandits and the Stalker suit(gray).

- Enemy AI tweaked: detection, eye range, FOV, FOG, etc.... and respawn tweaked, increased number and type of npcs and many other stuffs.

- NPCs can pickup weapons

- Fixed the problem when picking up a dead coprse, most of time it didnt work, only the "default" suit was working, it also fix carry mod about picking up stuffs.

- Stealth is works better now.

- Better Weather, depending of the weather, the day will be more clear and and night more dark, fog distance and alot others stuffs are tweaked.

- Flashlight ranger increased.

- New mutants and others mutants spawning in any level, cordon is really wild now and full of surprises and it's a little bit more hard, but at the same time it's well balenced with the number of mutants/stalkers, those mutants have no restriction, they move all around, you will freak out when you see stuffs around you floating.

- More type of Mutants and NPCs spawing more often, if you didnt seen some of them, now you will, i incresead the number of mutants and the areas where they are allowed to get in, all levels are  much more "wild" and Cordon with more mutants.
TIP: if you want to see the cordon surprises you must start a new game, since i made the mod with for my own taste as i said above, i felt cordon was boring, so i worked alot on cordon, that said, you can play the game following the game story, but the experience will be very different every time you play.

- "Horror time", i wont spoil it, but there will be a certain time where more mutants will spawn, it's not ala doom, but enough to give you some action.

- "New PDA"(see picture), it's not really new, it's the russian version of pda, but i replaced a few animations, you ill notice a blue thing, before it was the same color of pda. 

- Inventory grid size is smaller now, you can see more items(traders/npc and player bag)

- Max Item mass and walk weight increased to reasonable values, enough to loot and make money, to load more stuff, you will need eVo Speed(300+kg) or Nano suit(200+kg).
TIP: Make sure you make alot money so you can use both suits.

- Log messages, like game missions and Stashes stay more longer, so you can have time enough to loot and see the message in your screen.

- Trader sell more weapons, items, etc... and the trading is more fair, you wont see all weapons and some traders will sell different stuffs.

- Stalkers sell more stuffs, items, ammo.

- There is a dude from Duty faction that trade more stuffs

- I added More blood

- Edited a few Cordon events, you need to start a new game to see them.

- When you start a new game, wolf will give you more items, because cordon is a little bit more hard, so you will have more ammo, you will need it.

- Dark valley is more wild, some levels are more than others, because of the size, so i added a good pack of mutants at different locations, but you will have alot surprise in most of all levels.

- I edited a few english texts

- I remember i edited some HELI files, so you will be able to destroy them in agroprom or cordon(dont think you will make it with a pistol, i did because i was testing :D )

- I tweaked the game relations and the time that mutants and NPCs switch between terrains and a bunch of other stuffs.

- and the best of all, this doesnt crash, doenst break any quest and the visual is kind fresh because the new skins, mutants and weather. 

- all the others things you may notice and i forgot to mention, i edited too many files, at the begin it was a few, but then it was getting bigger and bigger and when i started i didnt plan to release anything, so i dont remember all the changes i did.

***** Others Features from Great Mods that make this Collision mod *****

- Real World Weapons MOD v1.0 by Giv_em_hell - 19 weapons retextuerd, it look real nice. 

- Carrys Mod 3.0 by Save -  You can lift all physic objects and buy explosives from trader, i had to make a new image, so i could add my unique weapons, my suits and the antigas armor mod. 

- Antigas-Armor-Mod v4.1 by Lexx - This mod gives to the game 12 "new" armos, not really new, but now you can use them, i also had to make a new, so i could add my 3 unique suits, that are really new. 

- Rookie skin by KnifeInFace -  I tweaked it a little bit.

- 10 Days Quest Mod by Azzer - Quests now give you 10 game days to complete, not 1, so it's a bit easier to accept a few at once, it also fix other stuffs.

- Sleep mod by Ab@dDon - You can sleep by talking to a NPC.
English Translation:  Goffik

- Reapir Mod by Shebuka - Traders can repair anything.
74205 for english translation revision and spanish translation.
Hypnotoad for czech translation.
MoDD for creating the first repair mod.
Nanucq for french translation.
NoSf3rAtU for testing help and italian translation revision.

- FLOAT32 mod v4247 by Nivenhbro - This mod adds full vector calculations, better bump-mapping, all while improving the frame rate by 20 percent or more.

- Blood by unknow - This was the 1st mod i installed and i really dont remember where i got this blood texture(5 and i edited the size), i remember this guy is from germany and its not AntiWiggin mod, i never used it.

* others Credits *
I also need to mention "Weather Overhaul" mod, i got 2 files from this mod and i kind compared my stuffs with this one and M_BCCF mod by LLSNeitrino, i was already spawing mutants and when i saw this mod, i had to put my eyes on it and it did make my life a little bit more easy spawning the rest of the old mutants and helped me to fix some problems with Encyclopedia, but the code from my mod and how i spawn the old mutants are very different, i also made a custom ui icon for monsters, because i tried to use from this mod, but it wasnt working. I could also edit binary files, like all.spawn, just like when i posted at OL from or when i did for meshes to add new guns and suits, but i felt that is not a good way to spawn stuffs, i dont think it's stable and you have to start a new game and most like the game will crash at some point, so i did my stuffs all via scripts and that is why i didnt put any vehicles, there are alot suits and atificts, you can just sprint :D.


1. When i took those pictures, i forgot to remove texture_lod 2(load more fast).
2. This mod is for english only, if you want to use with others langs, then just go config\text folder and copy everything that is inside "eng" folder to your lang folder, its laready there, but its empty, feel free to edit anything, but gimme me the credits and what you have changed.
3. No idea if this will work with others mods, never installed most of them, beside those i already added, i have been busy doing it and not checking this site, but after browsing this site, i have seen tons of them that wont work, since i edited too many files, this mod will replace most stuffs inside config folder, from meshes stuffs to script files, sounds mods should be ok, i didnt mess with that, so most like if you wont need anything else if you dont want to change the game "idea" and want just a better balance with a few new stuffs, but you may want weapons with different settings, then its up to you to merge this with whatever, i didnt felt the urge to edit the weapon stuffs, i only added a few and edited some stuffs, like when you crouch the crosshair will be small, imhp weapons are alreadt well balanced, there is no need to make them more hard or easy.



Unzip everything into your stalker directory. 

If you have not used mods before, you will need to open your fsgame.ltx file found in the "programfiles/thq/Stalker" directory.
Open this file with a text editor and find the following line:

$game_data$ = false| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

Change the false to true, i.e.:

$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

If you have any problems with this mod or feedback or whatever, you can usual find me on OL forum(english) or Clube do Hardware (jogos)

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