Accurate SA80A2



This mod changes the SA80A2 in the game.

New SUSAT (Sight Unit Small Arms Trilux), sight picture "crosshairs" . Revamped colour... and added more accurate sound.

That's just a very brief overview of this mod. In actuality, the changes run far deeper, and is very cool. :)



Readme For SA80A2 update... v1.0

April 11, 2007


Now there's a couple of things, major things, off with the in game model... Like the fact that it's a lefty version... We don't have a lefty version... Also the bolt lever is of the A1 version not the gucci A2 larger version... The SUSAT (Sight Unit Small Arms Trilux), sight picture or "Crosshairs" Was well off too. Now I haven't touched the SUSAT since my Figure 11 days with the Fusiliers and being a fat Tanky (2RTR) for some time I've been using the stupid iron sights so I forgot exactly how the sight looks. But, I know my version is more accurate... Unfortunatley the game can't model an adjustment knob on your SUSAT to make the tip of the sight light up for night fighting...So I got ride of the red tip... Should be fine any ways... If I have more time... More then likely not. I'll work on the stats to bring it up to standards... I was 100% at 600m in a strong wind on ranges in N.Yorkshire... Some times in the game you can't hit a c*nt at 100m! So it obviously needs some fine tuning. Adjusted the colours and fixed the flash eliminator, they had the bloody barrel cover on the thing!!! I don't know who their Military Advisor was but the guys a knob... Well boys... I guess that's all, Oh yeah... I threw a new sound in there too, that I knicked off the net... Sounds kinda like the rifle, but you can pretty much use anything that fires a 5.56mm x45 standard NATO ball round and get a good sound... TA! BOYS!


Place folder "gamedata" into your S.T.A.L.K.E.R. dir... Default is "C:\Program Files\THQ\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl".

DISCLAIMER: If for any reason your PC eats you or starts to throw cheese covered squirrels at you after installation of this modification please don't contact me... Unless you have pictures of said squirrels! Cheers lads!

Bye: -=2RTR=- SOMNUS


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