Additional Nightvisions + Anomaly Effects

This mod adds some additional night visions to the vanilla armor suit load outs.

This is not meant to be a "realism" mod, nor a "cheat" m...


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File Description

This mod adds some additional night visions to the vanilla armor suit load outs.

This is not meant to be a "realism" mod, nor a "cheat" mod - just a little tweak to make things a bit more interesting.

Version 1.5 also adds in additional anomaly effects, taken from Clear Sky. Each typ of anomaly now has it's own type of post-processing effect, instead of all anomalies using the same .ppe.

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Download 'additional_nightvisions_02.rar' (3.71MB)

	~Additional Nightvisions + Anomaly Effects v1.5~

===========     DESCRIPTION     ===========

This is not a "realism" mod . . . it's meant to spruce up the vanilla gameplay a little bit more (although can be easily
incorporated into other mods).  There are now 3 different "green" nightvisions, ranging in clarity and low-light amplification
from worst to best; 3 "tactical" nightvisions, which also range in clarity and low-light amplification, and 3 "blue"
nightvisions following the same range as the other two.

The "best" of each style won't necessarily be found with the "best" armor suits - I've done this on purpose.

Anomalies now also have their own individual post-processing effects for each type of anomaly, and .ppe effects for radiation
are a lot more clearer than with vanilla SoC.  All .ppe files have been merged from Clear Sky to SoC, which is where the anomaly
effects originated from.

===========     INSTALLATION    ===========

*Smart Mod Manager compatible!

Manual Installation:

1.)	Copy the contents of the <gamedata> folder to your Shadow of Chernobyl root directory (if other mods are installed that
	this would overwrite, I	recommend merging the files).
2.)	Go to your Shadow of Chernobyl root directory, open the fsgame.ltx file, and make sure the $game_data$ line reads:
	&quot;$game_data$	= true|	true|		$fs_root$|  gamedata&quot;
3.)	Enjoy!

===========     MUCH THANKS     ===========

To dezodor and the Priboi crew, who&apos;s use of a different .ppe for normal nightvision inspired this mini-mod.

To all the stalkers over at ZSG forums, and GSC forums, keeping the zone, and the faith, alive!

===========  PERMISSIONS, ETC.  ===========

Seeing as how this was a fairly simple mod, just borrowing some .ppe files from Clear Sky and testing them out, feel free to 
use this in your upcoming mod.  I&apos;ve renamed the .ppe files to make it a bit easier to keep track of which one is what, if
you need to know the originals, or have any questions, hit me up over at:

GSC forums:

ZSG forums:

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