Advanced World Weapons Mod

This mod retextures 22 of the weapons in the game. The skins add molded rubber grips for the weapons and makes them all darker.


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This mod retextures 22 of the weapons in the game. The skins add molded rubber grips for the weapons and makes them all darker.

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16 May 2007

Advanced_World_Weapons MOD v2.0 by Giv_em_hell
This mod as adds fully retextured weapons to the game.

I have redone 22 weapons and all of the addons for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.  This skin pack is a updated version of my Real_World_Weapons but removes the woodgrain from the weapons and adds black molded rubber for the grips, also darkens them a little, also adds a few weapons that wasnt in the first pack. This update totally overhauls all of them to be a more detailed, removes some shadows, and makes them look as best as possible in 1st person view.

--note-- I only included the weapons that I have redone from my Real_World_Weapons pack check the pic and description for details

Install - Just place the gamedata folder in the main Stalker directory.
"C:\Program Files\THQ\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl\"

Also Make sure your fsgame.ltx file in stalker directory reads this :>     $game_data$   = true|   true|	$fs_root$|	gamedata\

*note* If you have any other weapon skins in your texture folder this one will replace them so beware if you want to keep those.


Weapons that are changed are :

1) usp is retexture to the navy seal model and now a little darker
2) eagle is two-tone (nickel plate )and retextured (removed the chrome version)
3) berreta is now two-toneand retextured (fixed the sights)
4) sig220 is two toned and retextured
5) lr300 is made to look like the m4 model and darkened a little more 
6) groza is darker and retexture more realistic 
7) ak-74 is darker, woodgrain removed, and has a nice tape job on the clip
8) ak-74su is darker, woodgrain removed,  has the taped clip, added new forgrip
9) abakan is darker and more realistic, added new clip 
10) sig550 is darker, retextured, and new clip
11) svu is darker, retextured, and new clip
12) svd is highlighted, new clip, woodgrain removed, and retextured
13) l85 is darkened, retextured, new clip, and added black plastic to the forgrip
14) val and vintorez have been retextured, darkened, and woodgrained removed
15) spaz is darkened, retextured, and highlighted
16) chaser shotgun is darkened and retextured
17) g36 is retextured, new clip, and darkened
18) all weapon addons (both scopes, both grenade launchers, and silencers) have been darkened, retextured, and highlighted

--New adds---
1) Hp-sa is retextured and darkened
2) Colt 1911 is retextured and darkened
3) both the pb and the pm pistols are retextured and darkened
4) The fn2000 is retextured and darkened

This pack was created for those that didnt like the woodgrained and camo versions of the weapons.

Thanks to all the guys in the modders forum for their help (Dexxtaa for his idea on the taped up mags for the ak's, Kogar for input, Faiakes for his input, and everyone else who gave input for this release ).


If you use this in any way please just give me some credit because I took alot of time to release this one, thanks.

have fun!

Advanced_World_Weapons_v2.0 was tested and created by giv_em_hell

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