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This mod replaces the textures for the AK-74u and AK-74 in the game to be more realistic.


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This mod replaces the textures for the AK-74u and AK-74 in the game to be more realistic.

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Download 'ak_retextures_v1.zip' (2.54MB)

Retextured AK-74u and AK-74
BY Gohda

Reskins for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobly


With this mod, the AK-74u and AK-74 will both have wood foregrips and handles, as well, you have the option of using a metal or plastic magazine with the AK-74.

I made the plastic magazine option because the AK-74 often has a plastic, or at least plastic looking, magazine.  Not always - which is why you have the choice of using or not using it.

Unfortunately, I'm not a great texturer, so I have not changed the physical "look" of the foregrip nor magazine on the AK-74.  I would if I could figure out the kind of Bump map they used, but I haven't managed to get different versions to look right yet.  Once I do, I will release an update of the AK-74, for both the foregrip and the magazine.

- Open the .zip
- Locate the particular model you want.
  - AK74u
  - AK74 without plastic-stlye clip
  - AK74 with plastic-style magazine
- Open the folder of your choice, and extract the "gamedata" folder into   your STALKER folder.
- If it asks to overwrite, click "yes", it can only mess with anything IF you have   another mod that changes the AK74 and/or AK74u textures.
- Enjoy!

- Go to your STALKER folder, go into gamedata/textures/wpn, and delete:

- Retexture the USP to give it a stainless steel slide
- ???
- Profit!!!

eMail - MyersDCM AT sbcglobal DOT net

GSC Game World
Solecist, for no other reason than having a sweet mod
Anyone who liked my skins on the GSC forums
Anyone who likes my skins when you use them
Sidorovich for selling me that AK-74 so early
All those people who died to give me the AK-74u pictures
Everyone I've forgotten to thank
The people at Jasq for making the program I used to make these textures

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