Ambient Audio Overhaul Patch



This is a patch for the SoC Ambient Audio Overhaul - fixes an incorrect audio target path which would cause a CTD.

For both vanilla SoC and OL2.2 with Ambient Audio Overhaul installed.



:::::::::::::::::::::  AMBIENT AUDIO OVERHAUL  :::::::::::::::::::::::::
			by: {imperialreign}

*Compatible with SoC vanilla v1.06, Sound Overhaul 1.07, Oblivion Lost 2.2

The purpose of this mod is to "pick up" where Sound Overhaul has left off,
and further enhance the ambience and atmosphere of the zone by the addition
of better quality, and more realistic ambient audio files; and to tweak,
adjust, and "fix" some (IMO) irritating issues (i.e. overly loud sounds,
heraing NPCs from outside of the bar, hearing some audio from very far 

I fully recommend installing Sound Overhaul prior to this mod, and the two
should compliment each other nicely.


v0.9.5.1 patch:

*fixes an incorrect target path for burner anomaly sounds which would cause
 a CTD.


Installation for vanilla SoC:

*copy the gamedata folder to your SoC directory, overwrite all files

Installation for SoC + OL2.2:

*copy the gamedata folder to your SoC directory, overwrite all files


*original "fixed" annoying NPC sounds (voronin, sakharov, duty guard, snitch, 
 etc) from:

Mtang - Annoying Audio Fix mod

*base sounds for whirligig, gravi, vortex anomalies, gunfire and nightvision 
 loop from:

Darius6 - Sound Overhaul mod v1.07

*base "radio chatter" sounds from: 

Kanyhalos / OL team - Oblivion Lost v2.2 mod

music tracks:

*main menu theme music - Front Line Assembly, "stalker" (edited) - from the 
			 album "Implode"
*bar music	       - Milla, "In a Glade" (edited) - from the album "The 
			 Divine Comedy"
		       - Òàòó, "×òî íå õâàòàåò òåáå" (edited) - from the album 
			 "Ëþäè èíâàëèäû"
		       - Àëèñà, "Ïðàâîñëàâíûå" (edited) - from the album
		       - Ñëîò, "Âîðîíêà [OST Äíåâíîé Äîçîð]" (edited) - from 
			 the english-release EP "2 Âîéíû"

*all other base sounds obtained from various legitimate and free sources around
 the internet - much thanks to the many audiophiles out there willing to 
 make their recordings free to the public!

*all the stalkers over at the ZSG forums and TPU for putting up with my antics 
 and pestering for playtesters.

*any other users who I might've forgotten, or accidentally overlooked - please
 let me know so I can credit you here as well!


If you have any questions concerning compatibility of this mod with OL2.2, SO1.07
or SoC1.06, address them through me - NOT THE AUTHORS OF THE AFOREMENTIONED MODS!

Feel free to include this mod, or any part of it, in your own mod - just make 
sure to give credit for it!

If you'd like to provide feedback, recommendations, requests, or if you have any
questions concerning audio hardware and software in general, or whatever, I 
can be dug out from the shadows at the following message boards:


learn something about general audio:


any Creative X-Fi related questions or issues, fire 'em here:


I use and recommend the following audio manipulation programs:

Sony SoundForge 9c (and earlier Sonic Foundry versions)
Creative WaveStudio 7.10

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