Anti-Radiation Leather Jacket



This mod adds a useful leather jacket to all the dealers in the game. This jacket protects you from all sources of radiation, and can be really helpful in first parts of the game or heavily radiated areas. In later portions of the game, the lack of real bullet protection can make this suit not the best choice. But for beginners its a great choice.



\ 1. About the suit
\ 2. What's this ?
\ 3. Included
\ 4. Changes
\ 5. Installing the mod
\ 6. Uninstalling the mod
\ 7. Thanks to
\ 8. Contacting

\ 1. This simple leather jacket was floating in radioactive water for four years. 
\    There are many of that kind leather jackets. It has a strange green night vision. 
\    Due to the radiactive water it may attached itself . These jackets protect the wearer 
\    from any radiation source. Traders hold it as a piece of junk and it does not cost much.

\ 2. This is a mod which includes an armor which protects from any source of radiation.
\    Can be bought at any shop (Barman, Sakharov, Trader, Duty and Freedom).

\ 3. Included:
\    Scarecrow Self Made Exoskeleton
\    Trader mod v 1.1
\    X-46 Suit

\ 4. Changes:
\    Increased price of Scarecrow Self Made Exoskeleton to 20000 roubles.
\    Decreased price of X-46 Suit to 35000 roubles.

\ 5. To install the mod simply unrar the "gamedata" into your S.T.A.L.K.E.R. main folder

\ 6. To uninstall simply delete the files which have been added to the gamedata folder 
\    or delete the gamedata folder.

\ 7. Thanks to:
\    GSC Game world for such a great game
\    THQ for testing the game ^_^
\    Moshpit for the X-46 Suit and Trader Mod V 1.1

\ 8. If you saw any crashes or bugs please email [email protected] , i'll be glad to help you

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