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For those that do not know, I have recently finished translating the amazing Russian Arena Extension 0.3.1 mod by Kstn and IG-2007. For t...


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For those that do not know, I have recently finished translating the amazing Russian Arena Extension 0.3.1 mod by Kstn and IG-2007.

For those that didn't hear about it, it allow dynamic generation of new random battles, Arnie has a life now instead of sitting in his little corner of the arena, battles against mutants are now possible, and so is weapon selection, along with much more!

I have also included a few optional extras. The list is included in the .rar file. The original Russian sounds are also included if you get tired of my voice-acting. :D

Credits to the original mod authors and GSC are implied.

If you would like to include this mod in a compilation, please ask. I will definitely let you if you include the original authors and me in the credits.

Here are a few videos. Thanks to Jamie1992 for making them.

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Arena Extension Mod v0.3.1

English Version 1.1

Authors of the Original Arena Extension Mod:

Authors of the English version:

Thanks to:
GSC Gameworld for their great game, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
 All modders who contribute in any way they can to making the game better.
Everyone who helped find bugs with the mod and as such, helped improve it.
Separate thanks to:
Bardak, for his answers on the forum and valuable ideas.
DEXXX for the installer, help with the mod, and converting sounds for the mod.
Jamie1992 for help in making the English Version and testing.

This version is NOT compatible with version 0.2.2 and earlier builds, for installation on top of 0.3.0 – carefully read the corresponding part of this readme file.
Given version DOES NOT guarantee compatibility with other mods, especially large-scale ones.
Mod is made for patch version 1.0004, 1.0005, 1.0006
After correct installation of the mod, it is not necessary to start a new game.
 M_BCCF_Full 2.0 Final (author: LLSNeitrino) is partially integrated into the mod to re-activate removed mutants (ONLY for fights in the arena)


A new, larger, and even more optimized version of the mod. The structure and scripts of the mod were modified substantially, now practically the whole logic of the arena is contained within two files of the manager. The possibility of scripted spawning of light sources and their deletion have been added. Some files of the game are replaced by the mod files with no need for complicated integration. Old matches in the arena have been modified and new ones have been added. Dialogues for starting matches have been moved from Arnie’s dialogue to a separate actor’s dialogue, which is automatically generated based on possible fights in the itx-file, which substantially simplifies the process of adding or modifying existing arena battles.

1.Additional battles, which start after finishing the original arena matches.
2.New mode: Battles with mutants.
3.New mode: Totalizator - Possibility of placing bets and personally watching the outcome.
4.Battles with stalkers from six different factions with the possibility of setting the quantity of opponents from one to six.
5.A dialogue system that allows non-linear progression through the matches and choosing which battles to participate in.
6.Free choice of weapons for each battle.
7.The Arena never stops working – it opens/closes after a few days during 22:00/6:00 (or after each battle)
8.You will be notified of the arena opening/closing by Arnie via PDA.
9.Announcements of matches starting will be done via the Duty megaphone on the main tower in the Bar.

10.Set limits to how often you can use grenades, rifle-mounted launchers, RPG-7, RG-6, and Gauss Rifle.
11. In Totalizator mode (betting on someone else), armor is no longer removed from the player.
12.Upon leaving Totalizator mode, equipment is automatically returned to the player’s inventory.
13.The reward system has been smoothed out.
14.New lighting has been added in the form of blinking lights available in different colors for expressing different outcomes of battles.
15.The Totalizator mode has been expanded on and fixed. Now it contains two different disciplines: “Battles against mutants” and “Faction Tournament.” Determination of opponents and their quantity has been made completely random.
16.The usual dialogue system has been replaced by a dynamic one.
17.A new mode has been added: timed battles with three final outcomes: foul, draw, victory+bonus.
18.Now with every opening of the arena,  a new random list of available battles is generated.  
19.The time gap between the openings of the Arena has been changed to 0-2 days (it’s possible to regulate that).
20.New factions have been added to the Arena: Bandits and Loners.
21.The extremely annoying “wooden” Dutyer that is in the same spectator’s room as the player has been removed.
22.The items in the box labeled “sid 574” have been removed.
23.The Izlom has been removed from the battle against the Controller with zombies due to its enemy relation to zombies in the game_relations.itx file.
24.If you systematically destroy members of all factions on the Arena, then sooner or later Marked One will have a double-cross organized for him under the guise of a special fight.
25.Переработан баланс по экономике, живучести противников, их количеству, снаряжению(баланс мода был переработан под убойную силу оружия, характеристики брони, иммунитеты ГГ, некоторых монстров для оригинальной игры, т.е. без модов). / The economy, health of NPC’s, their quantity, and gear have been balanced out (the mod’s balancing has been fine tuned to the immunities, weapon damages, and health of a few monsters of the vanilla game, i.e. without mods).

26.The ability to turn off the necessity of finishing the vanilla arena matches to unlock the additional ones has been added.
27.The behavior of Arnie has been enhanced. Now he has a life. After the Arena closes, he will go down to the bar and won’t stand in the entrance to the Arena like a jackass.  Upon returning to the Arena after it opens, he will call you over by waving his arms and asking to have a chat. A Blowout reaction has also been added (aem_admin.ltx->{=aem_check_blow}). During a Blowout, he won’t start a match.
28.Now the possibility of the Arena continuing to work even after Arnie’s death has been added. If Arnie, or any other Arena owner dies, they will each be replaced by new volunteers.
29.Sounds have been optimized for some fights.
30.The mod’s compatibility has been increased.
31.Now mutants cannot see the player in the spectator’s room during the Totalizator mode.
32.Mutant settings have been balanced in Totalizator mode.

If you unload your rifle-mounted grenade launcher before teleporting to the arena, the round will disappear.

1. Sometimes you might meet noncombatant Stalkers from the bar in an Arena match.
2.If you save your game during a psi-attack of the controller and load the game at that point, then the sound of the controller’s mind-aura won’t disappear until you go to a new location.

It is recommended to merge this mod with a large-scale/total conversion mod. Extra permission from the authors is not required. All that is required is to list the version number and authors of the mod.
The mod discussion and new development of versions can be found on the official GSC STALKER forum:
Russian (original devs):
English (Siro’s translation):

1.Запустить инсталлятор и установить мод. / Open the file “fsgame.itx” and change the word in the SECOND line in the SECOND column from “false” to “true.”
2.Unpack mod and copy “gamedata” folder into your STALKER: SoC folder. 
3.Change the settings of the mod to your liking (go down to the section tilted “MODIFYING THE MOD TO YOUR LIKING” to see how this is done).
4.Start a new game or load an earlier save if you’re sure the mod won’t conflict with any other ones you have installed.

1.Continue until point 2 of the above section. 
3.Go to point 3 and 4 of the above section.
4.Mods that might be compatible include simple texture mods, soundmods, mods that change the damages of weapons or other aspects ONLY. Large-scale mods might require detailed and careful merging.

The default values of the mod listed below can be modified by opening the file STALKER/gamedata/scripts/aem_manager.script with a text editor such as Notepad. Changing anything else other than the values listed below is not recommended and may break the game. Be sure to backup the original in case the mod gets broken. If the below listed values do not have listed minimum or maximum values, that means they do not have important limits (within logical reason, of course!).

local time_open = 22	-- Time (hours) of the open period of the Arena, min = 0, max = 23
local time_close = 6	-- Time (hours) that the Arena is closed, min = 0, max = 23
local delay_min = 0	-- Minimal amount of days between the Arena opening and closing, , min = 0
local delay_max = 2	-- Maximum amount of full days between the Arena opening and closing, , min = 1
local delay_mut = 4	-- Amount of full days before the full list of mutants is unlocked, , min = 0
local stake1 = 1000	-- Bet number 1 in Totalizator mode (Rubles.)
local stake2 = 2000	-- Bet number 2 in Totalizator mode (Rubles.)
local stake3 = 3000	-- Beter number 3 in Totalizator mode (Rubles.)
local perc_min = 35	-- Minimal percent of gain to the betted amount
local perc_max = 100	-- Maximum percent of gain to the betted amount
local aem_only = false 	-- (!!!CHANGE THIS ONLY ONCE!!!) false – the mod is activated after finishing the original Arena matches/ true – the mod is activated immediately.

WARNING:  Along with the deletion of the mod, the person in charge of the Arena will be deleted with it if you load a save. If you reinstall the mod, he will re-appear again.

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