Armor Degradation Mod

armormod.zip —


This mod gives you two options

Half: Your armor has half of its normal damage rate. (IE it degrades half as slow)

None: Your armor does not degrade at all.



Armor degradation mod V 1.1
by underwhelmed for the SA goons

New in Version 1.1
the half mod is now actually half of the damage rate of 1.001 instead of version 1.000 of STALKER. Memo to self, reunpack the data files...

There are two mods here, one that halves the damage that armor takes for those of you that like the idea of their armor falling apart but think that the devs got a little carried away, and one that has no degradation at all for those of you that perfer not having to carry a spare pair of pants into the zone.

1. Choose either the half damage mod or the no damage mod 
2. place it in the stalker/gamedata/config/misc folder
3. enjoy
4. obviously you cannot install both of these at the same time.
4a. the above may seem obvious, but remember that there are people that stupid, just look at the GameFAQs boards.

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