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AxeMan808 brings us another compilation mod; not just in the form of repair modification, but rather, a nice selection of different mods tha...


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AxeMan808 brings us another compilation mod; not just in the form of repair modification, but rather, a nice selection of different mods that put a nice spin into the singleplayer game. New crosshairs, darker nights, repairs, detection mod, no time limit, real gun names, etcetera.

This small-sized mod packs a little bit of punch, and is definitely recommended. :)

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Download 'stalker_mod_axecompilation_100_forv10001_eng.rar' (3.5MB)

Axe Compilation Mod 
recoding/tweaks by AxeMan808

Works with v1.0001 Have not tested with 1.00
Repair Mod (Tweak) (AxeMan808 - Based on MoDD's/Goffik's work)

Repair Cost: 50% (Percent Damage * Retail Cost)
Surcharge: 10% Retail Cost
Sidorovich and the Barman can both repair.
Shows costs before you repair (during eligibility check)

Crosshairs: G36, L85 (wildwing)

Darker Nights 1.1 - 26m Light version (Badmagic) 
(with Time Mod from MrKlorox)

Detection Mod v2 (s.h. - stian.hoiland)

Max Carry Amount (SGHi)
SGHi had 50/75, 60/75, 60/95, 75/95 and 85/95 options (Norm/Max)
I am a super packrat (I HATE running back and forth 10 times to sell stuff) - 
I also like experimenting with the different weapons (the Beretta 92FS is ridiculously overpowered!)
The current setting is (chuckle) 500/750....
It is a pain to scroll through when INV is loaded, but worth it for the trips it saves.
To change to something more reasonable, simply edit these two files:

max_walk_weight	= 750

max_weight	= 500

More Weapons Take Add-ons (Swifty Magee)

No Time Limit On Quests (emoaddict15)

Real Gun Names mod v.3 (Kyodan)
Additional changes, small edits by AxeMan808
ex: Enlight fixed to Enfield

Stalkers Buy/Sell Ammo/Weapons (unknown source)
Handy to give someone a spare AK-74su when they're using a pistol against the Garage Bandits!
Also, dump those spare Jellyfish in exchange for some AK ammo and some rubles. That guy only has a pistol anyway!

Stalker Rookie Skin - Armor changed to Raincoat (KnifeInFace)

Tweaked Blood 1.3 (AntiWiggin)

From Moon's Mini Mod (unknown sources)
NPC's use more items, will take from ground
Trader and Barman have a few more items
Pistol Slot MP5, Pistol Slot Sawed Off

Future plans:
Make smaller inventory icons, perhaps models and or textures for (Pistol) MP5K and Pistol Sawed Off
Adjust damage/accuracy/handling/rof for (Pistol) MP5K and Pistol Sawed Off (weight and wear adjusted already)
Make Ammo/Weapons more expensive from/to other Stalkers
More minor Weapon Name edits
Various English/Grammar edits I've been noticing, but not fixing yet

Check out some other mods (Realism Pro, Real Textures) with an eye towards including in compilation

You can use any of this as you see fit, just give people credit (me included, if you please)


  Search for the following line in the rows of “fsgame.ltx”:

   $game_data$ = false|	true| $fs_root$| gamedata\

  and edit it to:

   $game_data$ = true|	true| $fs_root$| gamedata\

- Extract the "gamedata” folder of this archive in your game folder (e.g. C:\Games\S.T.A.L.K.E.R\).

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