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A pretty nifty mod submitted by AxeMan808. Inside is a small compilation of repair mods, all wrapped into one package.

Repair mods give t...


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A pretty nifty mod submitted by AxeMan808. Inside is a small compilation of repair mods, all wrapped into one package.

Repair mods give the traders the ability to repair weapons and armor, and the price of reparation is dependent on the damage taken in by the item being repaired.

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Download 'stalker_mod_axerepair_100_forv10001_eng.rar' (49KB)

Repair Mod recoding/tweaks by AxeMan808

Works with v1.0001 Have not tested with 1.00

The repair cost is based on the item's retail cost and the percent of damage it has suffered.

Repair Cost: 50% (Percent Damage * Retail Cost)
Surcharge: 10% Retail Cost

So the most you can pay for a full repair is 60% of Retail.
The least you can pay is 12% (0% damage and 1% damage are not eligible for repair)

Sidorovich and the Barman can both repair.

NOTE: when you first select the repair option, it will show 3 "Money Lost" amounts (they could be 0). YOU DO NOT LOSE THIS MONEY. That is the (100% accurate) estimate of your possible repair costs
This is the only way I could get it to show your repair costs before you actually pay...
You only lose the amount when you select Secondary/Primary/Armor (the amounts are listed in that order).

Do want you want with this stuff, but give credit to the guys below (and myself)

Repair Mod English v1.2.1

Mod made by: MoDD

Tweaked by: Goffik


This is the English version of the excellent Repair Mod by MoDD. It allows you to repair damaged equipment in the game. To do so, talk to either the Barman or the Trader. Choose the option to ask them some questions, and you will see the repair option.

Equipment must be worn or equipped to a slot to be repaired. If an item has no damage then it will not appear on the list of repairable items. You will be charged half the cost of the weapon/armour to repair it.

This feature really should have been in the game from the start, so thanks to MoDD for adding it.


I just want to make clear that I take no credit whatsoever for the making of this mod. All I have done is modified it in a very small way. The first change is that the English translation is improved as it was a tad dodgy before (no offense). The second change is that I swapped the options for Primary/Secondary weapons, because Primary referred to your sidearm (pistols) in the original and vice versa. Other than those minor changes (which took all of five mins), its exactly the same mod so all credit goes to MoDD. :)

	Repair Mod english version

Descrption: Mod permit to repair weapons and armors by Sidorovich.

How it works:
- Repair option appare after you take the quest of Agroprom from Sidorovich. We go to him and slect the option of the dialogue "I'd like to find out more".
The option to repair equipped objects appears if:
 * the equipment needs of being repaired, if they are at 100% option will not appear.
 * you have enough moneies
 - The cost of repairing is 1/2 of the cost of the weapons or armor. If you have modded it with upgrades that change the cost of the weapon in the description rows, also the cost of repair will adequately greater.
 - Only weapons in active slots will be repaired, the same worth for the armors.

- Assicure to have modified “fsgame.ltx” file located in your game folder for giving preference to the game files and not to game archives! Otherwise the mod will not work!
  Search for the following line in the rows of “fsgame.ltx”:

   $game_data$ = false|	true| $fs_root$| gamedata\

  and edit it to:

   $game_data$ = true|	true| $fs_root$| gamedata\

- Extract the "gamedata” folder of this archive in your game folder (e.g. C:\Games\S.T.A.L.K.E.R\).

Author: MoDD + translation and fitting Shebuka.

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