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Version .1


Alright, I have made some numerous changes to the Vanilla CS ballistics models. Please keep in mind that these r...


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Version .1


Alright, I have made some numerous changes to the Vanilla CS ballistics models. Please keep in mind that these reflect test values and not the final product. However, there will be no further changes made to the weapons muzzle velocities, while RPM and range is still up for debate.


-All pistols now have a maximum range of 150 meters vs. the original 50 meters. Also, their muzzle velocities have been update to match their IRL counter parts. Some I had a hard time identifying or even getting info so in those situation I used an "average" value for its muzzle velocity. Something else to note, a few of the pistols had incorrect mag size (SIG 220, H&K USP, etc), those values have also been changed. -I am currently experimenting with Desert Eagle to gets its damage level to be more realistic. Please not that I have not yet changed its recoil attributes to match the changes in power. The Deagle will be based on the .50 AE round. However, since I do not feel like modding in .50 AE rounds atm, .45 will have to suffice.

-All assualt rifles have had their max ranges increased to 1 kilometer (except the 74u for obvious reasons)

-All assualt rifles have been given their appropriate fire rates and muzzle velocities. In some cases this may prove to be a blessing and a curse as most of them had their fire rates set about %30 too low and muzzle velocities on average where well under the halfway mark.

-The PKM now has a 200 round box mag and fires at 650 RPM with an 840 m/s muzzle velocity. All of these values have been significant changed from the vanilla settings. Eventually I will get around to getting the accuracy corrected as GSC has made it about as accurate as waist firing an MG3.

-The Draganov SVU and SVD have only received minor tweaks. Their MV has been increased to 820 m/s and the SVU now has a 20 round mag just to make things interesting(yes, there is a 20 round mag availible for the SVU, but not the SVD :( )

-You may notice slight differences in the Groza, AS Val, VSS. Their MV has been increased to 300 m/s vs. 250 m/s (although it may not be enough to notice a real difference) and the VSS/AS Val have had their firing rates increased to 900 RPM.

-None of the recoil or accuracy peramiters have been changed. Any accuracy changes that have resulted are b/c of my mods to the ammo.

-12ga buck has been reduced to 12 pellets, with a 1.2 spread. I am trying to keep it at a 1m spread at 50m. YOU WILL DIE if you take a close shot to the chest with buck while wearing starting armor. This is highly realistic as you are only wearing leather. Your best bet is to keep at range and stay behind cover.

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Download 'ballistics_mod_v.1.rar' (147KB)


1. Place gamedata folder in X:Program FilesDeep SilverS.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky - X being the drive letter you installed it to.

2. Edit you fsgame.ltx file to force the game to use the files in the gamedata folder rather than the ones its has stored in the database files
	Do this by editing the the $game_data$ line to read $game_data$		= true|	true|
	This way it will use any files found in the gamedata folder first and overlook those already present in the database.

	I in no way guarantee that this mod will not void you save games or cause unforeseen errors. However, if it makes you feel any better, it works just fine on my PC and install.

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