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General Info:

In celebration of the release I have changed a few of the audio files. The first should be readily apparent. The others are...


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General Info:

In celebration of the release I have changed a few of the audio files. The first should be readily apparent. The others are located in the duty camp(one in the main building and the other in a hanger) and the bandit camp.

The purpose of this mod is mainly to de-nerf the weapons in stalker cs and make them more realistic as compared with their real world counter-parts.

In this first iteration I am mainly experimenting with changing the ammunition variables. Such as; the armor piercing coefficient, damage multiplier, spread, and accuracy.

Please keep in mind that this is still very beta and not intended to provide perfect realism. It is merely a rough draft for getting as close to that point as possible.

That being said, any feed back is GREATLY appreciated. I am looking for everything from general impression, to comparison of realism to real world experience (I have very little and am modding this based on information I have looked up on the various ammo types)

My email is, also my GSC name is Elementlmage and this mod discussion link is :

Version .2


Well, here we go again. After a couple of days of feedback, testing, and tweaking here is version .2 of what for now will be called "Ballistics Mod" due to my lack of creativity and caring for what ever the hell my mod is called.

From here I have big plans. The next mod will include a complete revamp of the ironsight accuracy system and maybe some work on the upgrade system although I haven't really decided on the scale of the upgrades yet. As usual none of the current value are set in stone.

They can and most likely will be tweaked again to provide better balance/realism as I continue to overhaul the weapon statistics in stalker cs.

Anyone who wants to get started in modding weapons themselves or tweak my value for to there liking can go to this link to learn more about how the different scripts effect the gunplay.

Changes (quite a few):

-Lowered buck shot AP to .15 from .2

-Increased 5.45x39 FMJ AP to .85 from .7

-Increased 5.45x39 FMJ damage to 1.2 from .9

-Lowered 5.45x39 AP's AP to 1.1 from 1.2

-Raised 5.45x39 AP's damage to .95 from .7

-Lowered 5.56x45 AP's AP to 1.2 from 1.4

-Increased 5.56x45 FMJ AP to .7 from .6

-Increased 5.56x45 FMJ damage to 2.3 from 2

-Increased 5.45/5.56 AP's accuracy by 5% due to the better balance and quality of the rounds

-Increased all pistol and rifle periods to 50000 shots untill its condition reaches 0 (Deagle, SIG 220, and the USP all lost a tenth of a percent of their condition for each shot fired.)

-AN-94 requires maintenance every 20k shots.

-LR 300 requires maintenance every 25k shots.

-When a weapon miss fires it loses 5 percent of its overall condition. This is the stock value. I have not changed b/c I only noticed right as I was about to release the mod. This will be fixed in version .3

-All weapons have had the accuracy penalty for poor condition severly lowered. From 100 percent to 0 percent will still notice some change but not nearly as bad as portraid in vanilla. The idea behind this change is that the penalty should be in reduced reliabilty and not in making your weapon a smooth bore musket.

-Changed BM16(sawed off shotty) Base Spread from 1.1 to 2.3

-Modded all upgrade files to reflect the changes to the source weapon values.

-Increased Shotgun Slug damamge to 2.5 from 1.2 and turned off "explode on hit"

-Increased Shotgun Dart AP to 1.4 from .95 and turned off "explode on hit"

-Increased Shotgun Dart Damage to 2.1 from 1.4

-Decreased 7.62x54 7n1 dispersal by 5 percent

-Increased 7.62x54 7n1 damage to 1.6 from 1

-Decreased 7.62x54 7n14 spread by 10 percent

-Increased 7.62x54 7n14 damage to 1.8 from 1.2

-Increased F1 grenades threat radius to 10 m and increased damage by about 250 percent.

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Download 'ballistics_mod_v.2.rar' (32.29MB)


1. Place gamedata folder in X:Program FilesDeep SilverS.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky - X being the drive letter you installed it to.

2. Edit you fsgame.ltx file to force the game to use the files in the gamedata folder rather than the ones its has stored in the database files
	Do this by editing the the $game_data$ line to read $game_data$		= true|	true|
	This way it will use any files found in the gamedata folder first and overlook those already present in the database.

	I in no way guarantee that this mod will not void you save games or cause unforeseen errors. However, if it makes you feel any better, it works just fine on my PC and install.

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