This mod makes the game more realistic in terms of the equipment you get to "save the world". Like the author says, no one is going to send...


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This mod makes the game more realistic in terms of the equipment you get to "save the world". Like the author says, no one is going to send you out on a mission with just a knife and a crappy pistol. This mod changes many other aspects, such as allowing weapons in the bar, friendship with loners, and many more!!!

Check the readme for more details!!

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Basix v.1.0

Simply extract the zipped file into your main S.T.A.L.K.E.R. folder (usually X:  -> Program Files -> THQ -> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl). If you've never played any STALKER mods you may need to adjust one line in fsgame.ltx (change false to true; use Notepad) to look like this:
$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata\

[Suggestion: If you already have a working gamedata folder, rename it or move it elsewhere and then install this mod in a clean/empty gamedata folder – a likelihood that something will go wrong when casually topping any one mod with another (without carefully merging files) is pretty high]

You need to start a new game!

About Basix Mod:
This mod is not striving for an enhanced version of realism in terms of making the play more difficult ... tho in reality nobody would send you out to "save the world" with a Makarov and a knife while they are sitting on tons of better weapons.

Basix Mod, like the name would imply, covers most requested modification features and makes your first encounter with STALKER game a bit easier (so it's a very good mod for beginners – try it on the Novice difficulty) by equipping you well before the main mission. It’s also good for others who want to play it on a more difficult level or experience the game from a somewhat different angle.

Basix Mod appears simple (like it should be), but underneath packs some nice game enhancements:

EQUIP ME FOR THE MISSION MOD -- Simply put, it's in the interest of the Zone and wider community that you succeed in your main mission and they don't send you out to "save the world" with a knife and a lousy pistol, but rather equip you with weapons and armor that will make your success more likely. For example, as soon as you accept the first mission from Sidorovich and meet Wolf, you are given supplies and equipment to successfully face more numerous enemy. After the completion of that first mission (you proved yourself worthy … yay!), you report back to Wolf and are given additional weapons and ammo. In summary, you will get the following things:

From Sidorovich/Wolf (you need to report to Wolf in order to get these items): 
- you will start with Beretta with ammo, modified TOZ-34 with ammo, and Hunter’s armor (you can sell your jacket right away … and that TOZ will become your best buddy pretty fast)
- upon succeeding in your first mission and before going back to Sidorovich report to Wolf and he will give you Fang’s AKS-74U, a high precision weapon that uses commonly available pistol ammo plus some additional ammo (take care of this weapon since it’s not available from any trader and it can only be given to you for the purpose of accomplishing the main mission).

From Barkeep (you’ll receive these items from Barkeep upon accepting to continue the main mission):
- A high precision Groza that uses commonly available and cheaper AK ammo plus additional ammo. This item can also be purchased at traders but is expensive. 

From Sakharov (you’ll receive the items after accepting to continue the main mission):
- a rapid single shot and high accuracy Strelok’s SVD suppressed sniper plus ammo (take care of this weapon since it’s not available from any trader and it can only be given to you for the purpose of accomplishing the main mission).

SKINFLINT MOD – you can sell unlimited amounts to the Freedom Base Trader. (This mod was created for the upcoming version of Faiakes Mod and is put here to test it more broadly – the mod works fine, …  but just in case plz report any “NPC doesn’t have enough cash” occurrences when selling to Skinflint).

STALKER FRIENDSHIP MOD -- other Stalkers/Loners are (naturally) your friends. It’s nice to have lots of “green” around you. Say, if you kill a Duty guy around Bar, Stalkers/Loners don't try to help Duty by going after you and remain your friends. Avoid taking quests that involve killing them and help them whenever you can. Also, mild friendship with traders (you get somewhat better prices when buying and selling) and scientists.

TAKE WEAPONS INSIDE ( “kil em all but 3”) – a silly lil mod that lets you take your weapons inside the “no weapons” areas. In a practical sense that’s mostly Bar … so if Snitch is really getting on your nerves one day you may just snap and decide that he’s too annoying to live … lol. If you decide to use it, use it when your relationship with Duty is already messed up and you don’t have much to lose by “clearing” annoyances in the Bar. IMPORTANT: DO NOT KILL Sidorovich, Sakharov, and Barkeep! Sidorovich (the first trader), Barkeep, and Sakharov (Yantar Mobile Lab) are protected and important NPCs (and only these 3). They are the relaying points for the game story and if they are killed the game will either immediately crash or if you edit their immunities it will crash at the point their input is required by the story. Everybody else tho is a fair game. Good hunting, STALKER!

OTHER FEATURES: all weapons and armor are non-degradable and tasks need to be completed within 2 weeks/14 days (instead of 1 day). Carry weight is 200. All weapons, armor, etc. skins made either by myself or are game defaults except as credited below. Integrates some of my previous mods and weapons/armor skins (Strelok's SVD, Fang's AKS-74Us) in a slightly adjusted form.

CREDITS: This mod also integrates either modified or unchanged mods from others:
- Realism Graphic Mod 2.0 by edomae (nice lighting and shadows enhancements)
- Traders Mod 1.1 by Balnazzar (traders have stuff ... lots of it)
- Blood part of Hud & Blood Mod 1.3 by pseudoant (bloody gruesome scene  ...  lol) 
- Stalkers Are Not Blind 0.95 by Red75 (helps NPCs avoid anomalies … be very patient with Kruglov in the tunnel between Wild Territories and Yantar)
- Float32 Shaders 1.5157a (including ATi shadow fix) by Cameron Sneed (aka jjwalker) – a slightly older version to avoid “green blood” or “no blood” on Nvidia and some ATi
- GhillieSuit skin from GhillieSuit_Svd_v1.2 by giv_em_hell (an awesome suit)

Hope you enjoy!

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