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For people who frequently requested a modality of Basix Mod featuring a much harder difficulty gameplay. And not only that. This mod is also a visual overhaul of the game, offering a new gameplay experience in much more deteriorated environments. Over 960 game graphics have been adjusted to create a messy, deteriorated, yet richly colorful environment. Even when played on the "novice" level this mod can be very challenging as a result of combining many variables (NPCs are better armed; fog limits visibility to 50 yards; Marked One's spawns with no jacket and gets only a knife from Wolf; recovering health only by medkits (and not food or bandages); NPCs are many times hard to spot when stationary since they are blending pretty well with this new environment; etc.).



Basix GFX-H v.1.0

Simply extract the zipped file into your main S.T.A.L.K.E.R. folder (usually X:  -> Program Files -> THQ -> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl). If you've never played any STALKER mods you may need to adjust one line in fsgame.ltx (change false to true; use Notepad) to look like this:
$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata\

[Suggestion: If you already have a working gamedata folder, rename it or move it elsewhere and then install this mod in a clean/empty gamedata folder – a likelihood that something will go wrong when casually topping any one mod with another (without carefully merging files) is pretty high]

- system requirements as specified on the retail game box (for problems with Vista, google: "Stauffenberg's Stalker vista 32 bit")
- GSC patch 1.0003
- no other mods in the same gamedata folder

You need to start a new game!



WEAPONS EXPANSION MOD: Similarly to Basix Monstrosity 1.2, this mod features 16 new base model weapons (not counting multiple "uniques"). Play, say, three differently looking Abakans in the same game (no need to manually switch textures). They also have their own specs and all look different. The mod features:
- 3 different AN-94 Abakan visuals and features + "uniques" (a "unique" is a derivate from the base weapon model that shares its visual appearance with the base)
- 3 AKS-74Us visuals + uniques (Ghost's AKS-74U only at the 1st trader)
- 3 Groza OC-14s visuals + uniques
- 3 AK-74 visuals + uniques
- 2 Dragunov SVD visuals + uniques
- 2 Dragunov SVU visuals
- 2 TOZ-34 visuals
- 2 VSS Vintorez visuals
- 3 ZM LR-300 visuals + uniques
- 3 HK G36 visuals

NPC WEAPONS REBALANCING MOD: NPCs in most maps have better or different weapons (say, many NPCs in Cordon will have TOZ-34s, or military at the train bridge will have some Abakans, etc).

DETERIORATED ENVIRONMENTAL GFX MOD: This has to do with reprocessed game graphics. I started with some 1,400 graphics and (to keep it to a reasonable download size) eventually reduced it to about 960. In a way, this is a very similar concept to the exceptionally excellent save's Nuclear Snow mod, except that instead of monochromatics used to obscure and give a certain mood to the game I did the opposite and pulled the "bleached/washed out" colors out and let them stand on their own in creating a sense of messy, deteriorated yet richly colorful environment. Topped it with the excellent sky textures from STALKER Skies by Cambrago. 

HARD MOD: This mod has been created for those who prefer a higher difficulty level of gameplay (if you prefer an easier gameplay you'll definitively be better off by using Basix or Basix Monstrosity or other mods (note that none of Basix mods variants are mutually compatible -- meaning you can't use a save from one to play the other so you need to start a new game with each of them). Difficulty features:

- start: at the start you get nothing :( . Not even the usual jacket. You go to Wolf and he hands you a knife only -- look around, Wolf's crew was/is under attack so look for weapons near dead stalkers. There won't be much ammo with any of them, except maybe some ammo for Makarovs. TIP: Maybe before going to the first mission you should get the bandits jacket from that house near the bridge

- medical: the instant healing power of food myth -- don't be naive. Eating helps your hunger but it does not heal bullet wounds

- medical: magical bandages recall, a part of false advertising -- stuffing 500 of these all over yourself could help stop bleeding but they won't restore your health as Sid and other profiteers would like you to believe

- medical: medical kits (except the anti-rad) are slightly less effective. If you are just about to die use 2

- NPCs: inside buildings, they are harder to spot if they are stationary since they kinda blend with this modified environment

- conditions: foggy conditions are more frequent. Fog can present a significant obstacle. It's set at approximatelly 50 yards/meters visibility. Cloudy, rainy, foggy nights are not the best time to engage in new adventures. During the day is better and at least you can see silhouettes in the distance

- prices of weapons: very high prices ... when buying. Selling them to traders will get you next to nothing :( . Ammo prices 50% higher with the usual sell to traders percentage. TIP: selling ammo and artifacts (instead of weapons) to traders could turn out to be more profitable for you

- carrying weight: back to the default of 50 with the max of 75 -- be more selective and create your stashes at different points in the game/maps

- dominance weapons: these specially tweaked weapons (such as AN-94 Zonemaster, Groza OC-14 Specialist Edition, Fang's AKS-74U, etc.) are not available at traders. They are not even given to you (as in other Basix mods). You'll have to make some choices along the way -- for example, do you attack the Freedom Base and kill Lukash in order to get the "Zonemaster", because he has it. And even when you get your hands on that gun it's not certain in what condition the gun is. TIPS: AN-94 "Zonemaster" is carried by Lukash (Freedom commander); Groza OC-14 Specialist is carried by Gen. Voronin (Duty commander) and also by Petrenko (Duty trader) now and then; Fang's AKS-74U is carried by Bes (at the Garbage), and the usual AKS-74U tactical is with Fox and maybe one at Seriy); Strelok's SVD is somewhere in the Red Forest area, etc. Some of these weapons (notably, Zonemaster, Groza SE) could also be found in secret stashes (when the gameplay conditions are met and, of course, if you are in the business of searching stashes)

- quests time limits: if you are counting on collecting some rewards for accomplished quests and tasks, you better be moving quickly. 12 hours!

Yep, it seems everything's going against you, STALKER. If you are screaming inside: "This is a way too hard ... I should have taken that desk job at my uncle's meat processing plant :( ", then read below:

START SWITCH MOD: This is in case that this mod is too hard for you, but you still want to play it. I modified 2 spawn files to make this mod capable of one alternative beginning that will give you significantly better chances at the start (you'll have to start a new game if you switch since it's only in the beginning of the game that the change is possible). 

How to:
1. go to: gamedata folder
2. rename the folder "spawns" to "spawns-1"
3. rename the folder "spawns-alt" to "spawns"
4. start a new game

Differences between the two:
- standard start: binoculars, torch, simple anomaly detector
- alternative start: binoculars, torch, simple anomaly detector, Stalker Suit, Beretta with 200 rounds, Fang's AKS-74U with 40 rounds

Obviously, this switch makes the mod play easier at least in the beginning of the game. The rest of the mod is unchanged.

TAKE WEAPONS INSIDE MOD ( “kill 'em all but 3”) – a silly lil mod that lets you take your weapons inside the “no weapons” areas. In a practical sense that’s mostly Bar … so if Snitch is really getting on your nerves one day you may just snap and decide that he’s too annoying to live … lol. If you decide to use it, use it when your relationship with Duty is already messed up and you don’t have much to lose by “clearing” annoyances in the Bar. IMPORTANT: DO NOT KILL Sidorovich, Sakharov, and Barkeep! Sidorovich (the first trader), Barkeep, and Sakharov (Yantar Mobile Lab) are protected and important NPCs (and only these 3). They are the relaying points for the game story and if they are killed the game will either immediately crash or if you edit their immunities it will crash at the point their input is required by the story. Everybody else tho is a fair game. Good hunting, STALKER!

SKINFLINT MOD – you can sell unlimited amounts to the Freedom Base Trader (GSC default limit was set at 5,000 RU)

MONSTER MOD -- new and more numerous monsters and mutants (cats, burers, zombies,etc., pretty much everything that GSC left out from the final cut) via a modified M_BCCF. TIPS: make sure you always have plenty of ammo ... and by plenty I mean lots. Stock up on medkits & bandages because you'll depend on them to stay alive. Zombies (not zombified soldiers) need to be "killed" several times in order to stay dead. Keep moving and shooting when attacked by these unpleasant creatures ... tho sometimes is just best to run toward your next objective and bypass them (if you can), especially if you are low on ammo and/or medkits.

OTHER FEATURES: all weapons and armor are non-degradable. All weapons, armor, etc. skins made either by myself or are game defaults except as credited below. Integrates some of my previous mods and weapons/armor skins (Strelok's SVD, Fang's AKS-74Us, Ghost's AKS-74U) in a slightly adjusted form.


CREDITS: This mod also integrates either modified or unchanged mods developed by others:
- Realism Graphic Mod 2.0 by edomae (nice lighting and shadows enhancements)
- Traders Mod 1.1 by Balnazzar (traders have stuff ... lots of it)
- Hud & Blood Mod 1.3 by pseudoant (bloody gruesome scene  ...  lol) 
- Stalkers Are Not Blind 0.95 by Red75 (helps NPCs avoid anomalies … be very patient with Kruglov in the tunnel between Wild Territories and Yantar ... did I say "very" ... I meant extremely patient)
- Float32 Shaders 1.5157a (including ATi shadow fix) by Cameron Sneed (aka jjwalker) – a slightly older version to avoid “green blood” or “no blood” on Nvidia and some ATi
- GhillieSuit, SVD and SVU skins from GhillieSuit_Svd_v1.2 and one of 3 G36 skins in this mod from Advanced World Weapons v.2.0 by giv_em_hell (an awesome suit and great weapons textures)
- modified M_BCCF Mod 2.0 by LLSNeitrino (lots of mean creatures and you are their food :(
- skies and rain textures from STALKER Skies by Cambragol (looks more like a real rain coming down from really cool skies)
- CarryMod 2.5 by save (use Shift+F instead of a forklift to move/drag stuff around)

Hope you enjoy!

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