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This is a new all.spawn-based mod featuring greatly expanded cut-out monster infestation and also optional drivable vehicles. Lots of subtle...


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This is a new all.spawn-based mod featuring greatly expanded cut-out monster infestation and also optional drivable vehicles. Lots of subtle and dramatic changes from the previous version. Plus the usual Basix NPC Weapons Rebalancing Mod, Environmental GFX Mod, Weapons Expansion Mod, and other features.

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natasha8384 | 11.22.08

Basix Monstrosity CS v.2.5   (for GSC patch v.1.505 - 1.5.07)

Simply extract the zipped file and put the gamedata folder into your main S.T.A.L.K.E.R. folder (usually X: -> Program Files -> Deep Silver -> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky). If you've never played any STALKER mods you'll have to adjust the one line below in fsgame.ltx (change false to true; use Notepad) to look like this:

$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

[Suggestion: If you already have a working gamedata folder, rename it or move it elsewhere and then install this mod in a clean/empty gamedata folder – a likelihood that something will go wrong when casually topping any one mod with another (without carefully merging files) is pretty high]

- exceed the system requirements as specified by GSC
- GSC patch 1.5.05, 1.5.06, 1.5.07 (1.5.04 likely; tested with 1.5.07) 
- no other mods in the same gamedata folder

You need to start a new game! The mod is not compatible with previous Basix saves.



- new all.spawn with around 220 additional mutant instances (all together you should expect around 300 new mutants distributed across 9 maps compared to vanilla)
- alternative all.spawn (see important notes below) with around 220 additional mutant instances and 18 instances of drivable vehicles
- re-monsterized Agroprom Underground
- increased player agility, plus some other changes like a reduction in headbob, increased resilience to fall, etc.
- increased accuracy of all shooters (player and NPCs)
- retextured default (non-custom) weapons
- added: LuxZg: " PDA maps with point names - map-pack v1.2 " (see included PDA_MapPack_ReadMe to increase maps readability if needed)
- added: PURKE62: " Basix GFXm-CS-icon Wquipment Fix from PURKE62 (v. 0.62) " and " S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-F.I.L.E.S.-Computer Screen (1.0) "
- updated: Cameron Sneed: " Float32 v3.0.22 for CS "
- other minor fixes and new Read Me

This is a complex mod featuring a new all.spawn modality. It has been tested on Vista Ultimate through the main mission trajectory with most of the major dialogs and side missions (but by no means all possible dialogs and side missions that are sadly buggy in vanilla). Due to the complexity of the mod and to avoid CTDs or "passivity" later in the game, I would strongly recommend not combining this mod with any other mod unless you are an expert and know what you are doing.

BASIX ALL.SPAWN-BASED MONSTER AND VEHICLE MOD: Puts back in game the SHOC cut-out monsters: mutant cat, the classic zombie, the fracture, and the burer. The gameplay changes somewhat since the new monsters attack your friends and enemies so it depends what you are going to see on how fast and where you go within the maps. So, for example, the Swamps may end up being a bit easier, while the Agroprom or Limansk a bit more difficult ... or at least more chaotic. Expect new monsters to appear in all maps, except: Yantar, Stancia 2, Hospital/the ending.

Important re. Vehicles: Decide on this before starting a new game -- When you open the gamedata folder, you will notice two spawns folders: spawns and spawns-MV (these two spawns are the same in terms of mutants). In order to have drivable vehicles in the game, you need to:
1 - rename the spawns folder to, say, spawns1
2 - rename the spawns-MV to spawns
3 - start the game

Notes re. Vehicles: The all.spawn with vehicles is rather stable, but it will cause a CTD if you die in the vehicle (this is true in all mods featuring vehicles whether drivable vehicles are the ESC-CheatKey-based or all.spawn-based). So, monitor your health while driving. To reduce the potential of CTDs, the vehicles themselves are invulnerable, but you are not. SAVE BEFORE ENTERING A VEHICLE AND DO NOT DIE IN A VEHICLE. Tho, the resistance of the death by falling has been increased, if you hit an anomaly or bunch of burers that can lift your car, stay in car till it lands back on the ground (and hope it doesn't land on a tree). Avoid driving into a pack of monsters in order to kill them with a vehicle, but it is pretty safe to drive into other NPCs. To minimally influence the game itself, the location of drivable vehicles are sometimes hard to find, but look in small camps or right at the beginning of a new map. Lada Nivas (green and white) and UAZs are distributed: Swamps 2, Cordon 4, Garbage 2, Dark Valley 4, and Agroprom 6.

Note re Vehicle Driving - How To: Basic driving info:
To enter the car: F or Use key
To start (and turn off) the engine: O or Detector key
Drive: WASD
Stop: Spacebar or Jump key

If you prefer third-person driving, you need to write (or copy and paste) the following lines in "user.ltx" file (you can also write them in the console):
bind cam_1 kF1
bind cam_2 kF2
bind cam_3 kF3

WEAPONS EXPANSION MOD: This mod features 12 new base weapon models (not counting multiple GSC "uniques" or "upgrades" ). Play, say, three differently looking Abakans in the same game (no need to manually switch textures). They also have their own specs and all look different. The mod features:
- 2 different AN-94 Abakan visuals in addition to "uniques" (a "unique" is a derivate from the base weapon model that shares its visual appearance with the base)
- 3 AKS-74Us visuals
- 3 Groza OC-14s visuals
- 2 AK-74 visuals
- 2 TOZ-34 visuals
- 2 VSS Vintorez visuals
- 3 ZM LR-300 visuals
- 2 H&K G36 visuals
- 2 AS Val visuals

NPC WEAPONS REBALANCING MOD: NPCs in most maps have better or different weapons (for example, many NPCs in the Swamps will have old Grozas. Also, all weapons have been adjusted in terms of range, accuracy, recoil and damage to provide the best FPS experience.

ENVIRONMENTAL GFX MOD: This has to do with reprocessed game graphics. To further enhance the ambient mood, the "bleached/washed out" colors have been pulled out on the surface and let them stand on their own in creating a sense of messy, deteriorated yet richly colorful environment. Weight/size of the reprocessed graphics is same as before so no extra processing power needed. 

Note: I'm still working on a new GFX version, so this module is not completely finished yet at this time. Parts that are finished are in. Once finished, it will be available either as a separate download or as an update.

EQUIP ME FOR THE MISSION MOD (optional): As in the previous Basix mods for SHOC, you'll be starting well-equipped for this journey. A non-degradable heavy duty armor, a fully equipped slow-degrade precision assault rifle with plenty of ammo, a secondary "spray-and-pray" rifle for CQ combat, medkits, more money, and the usual stuff. At this stage your handgun and the secondary rifle share ammo.

Difficulty Note: for those who'd like even a more difficult gameplay, before starting go to:
- gamedata -> scripts -> and comment out or rename the "dialogs_marsh.script" to ";dialogs_marsh.script" (or delete the file)
- to further reduce supplies on the ground, go to:
gamedata -> configs -> misc and comment out, rename or delete all files EXCEPT: effectors.ltx, items.ltx, monster_items.ltx, and the trade folder

STALKER FRIENDSHIP MOD: Other Stalkers/Loners and the CS peeps are (naturally) your friends. It’s nice to have lots of “green” around you. And being a friend to traders usually pays off too.

OTHER FEATURES AND NOTES: All weapons and armor are degradable (usually as set by GSC), except some custom weapons that degrade at much slower rate. Custom old, rusted, reconditioned weapons degrade at an increased rate and have a higher failure rate. Only the armor you get at the start is non-degradable. Given that you'll be able to find plenty of ammo, weapons, and other stuff around and on the dead NPCs, supply boxes, treasures, etc., there was no need to significantly modify traders' settings (which would possibly make the mod too easy). (Tip: try not to lose your initial armor in the "mugging event" -- before entering the ambushed room, drop all your weapons and goodies into a supply box so you can pick your stuff later. Money will be gone, but at least you will have all your other stuff). You can move loaded with up to 95 kg. More blood, different weather patterns, enemies blending into the deteriorated messy environment ... good luck :)

Game-Mod Combo Spawning-caused CTD note: on a very rare occasion you may experience a CTD caused by overcrowding at certain spawn points implicating the line 155 ( "patrol_path_manager.cpp" ) error. Save often. Just replaying a short section before the crash will usually resolve the problem.

Further Enhancements: There are some mods which when included could give you more of what you want. For example, if you are into faction wars, the Faction Commander 1.5 and 1.6 (without mutants) by rgggclp are fully compatible with this mod. However, the probability of triggering "the line 155" CTD error will become much more likely. And, you would need a really powerful computer to process all the action in the game. Anyways, you can try things if you know what you are doing.

All weapons, armor, skins, etc., made either by myself or are game defaults except as credited below.


CREDITS: This mod also integrates either modified or unchanged or just parts of mods developed by others:
- weather file from " Realism Graphic Mod 2.0 (SHOC) " by edomae (nice lighting and shadows enhancements)
- blood files from " Hud & Blood Mod 1.3 (SHOC) " by pseudoant (bloody gruesome scene ... lol) 
- GhillieSuit, SVD and SVU skins from " GhillieSuit_Svd_v1.2 (SHOC) " and one of 2 G36 skins in this mod from "Advanced World Weapons v.2.0 (SHOC) " by giv_em_hell (an awesome suit and great weapons textures)
 - rain texture from " STALKER Skies (SHOC " by Cambragol (looks more like a real rain)
- complete " CarryMod v.5 (CS) " by save (use Shift+F instead of a forklift to move/drag stuff around ... explosives and fuel cans included in this edition)
- slightly modified " Tw33ked Realistic Flashlight (CS) " by Tw33kR (see better where you're going during the night or inside buildings, tunnels, etc.)
- " Float32 v3.0.22 for CS " by Cameron Sneed -- new version of Float32 shaders
- " PDA maps with point names - map-pack v1.2 (CS) " by Lux aka LuxZg
- " Basix GFXm-CS-icon Wquipment Fix from PURKE62 (v. 0.62) " and " S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-F.I.L.E.S.-Computer Screen (1.0) " by PURKE62

Hope you enjoy!

A few short mod demo movies:

Monsters in the Swamps:

New Agroprom Undergound:


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