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A completely overhauled version of the blood particles mod ver. 1.0. Main feature: versatility of hit effects in NPCs. For further details s...


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A completely overhauled version of the blood particles mod ver. 1.0. Main feature: versatility of hit effects in NPCs. For further details see readme.

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Version 2.0 readme

The screenshots are only examples of a lot of new effects, they work kind of like a flip book and show motion sequences to provide a basic impression.


- complete redesign (color and size) of all bullet impacts in NPCs, impacts spawn dust clouds, exit wounds show blood
- individual effects for different weapons and calibers, including gory chunks especially for shotgun hits and explosions
- particle effects include EggChen's wonderful Particle Enhancement mod as well as particle effects for some additional weapons, including Gosuke's PKM and P90
- two different versions to allow compatibility with OL2.x or the vanilla version of the game
- new blood textures, most of which have been created for Hades' real gore mod, with some minor tweaks
- the goal is, as before, to create that "Private Ryan" look and feel, only this time with a little versatility added


- first and foremost thanks a lot to Russao for providing the necessary script
- Decane for developing the basic idea for his excellent Big Blood mod and for showing some admirable persistence in the making
- EggChen for showing me the hidden path to that sacred piece of software known as the "Particle Editor", for helpful input in general and for the Particle Enhancement mod
- NatVac for offering invaluable help concerning the three magical letters "LUA". Seems to be an abbreviation for "LUnatics At work" or something...  
- and of course to Kanyhalos and his team for the no.1 STALKER mod of all times (at least to me it is) 
- last but not least Hades and Paddywak for the blood textures

I tried to incorporate vanishing bodies and gore effects when using explosives or grenade launchers, but it made the game highly unstable, so I abandoned that idea for now. Nevertheless, chunky bits will be seen when blowing up someone. Let's see what the future brings in that respect. 


- In this package you will find two folders called "vanilla compatibility" and "OL2x compatibility". Depending on the version of the game you are running, you only need the respective folder, you do not need both.
- go to your S.T.A.L.K.E.R. folder and change the 2nd line in the "fsgame.ltx" so that it looks like this:
  $game_data$   		= true|	        true|	$fs_root$|		gamedata
- you should make backup copies of the files the blood particles mod replaces to be able to go on playing the game after deleting the mod. If you do not have a gamedata folder in your STALKER root directory, just copy the gamedata folder provided with this mod into your STALKER root directory.
- copy the files into your gamedata folder while maintaining the folder structure, and you're ready to go. You don't need to start a new game for the mod to work fully. Tests have been run with version 1.0005 of the game, the vanilla compatibility version should run with any other version of the game.


The blood particles mod was designed to work with the bloodsplashes of the vanilla version of the game, so when using the OL2.x mod I recommend to open the folder gamedatatexturespfx and rename or remove the file "". The blood particles mod will work properly with this texture, but things will look very odd.

This mod can be used freely, credit would be nice.

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