This mod makes many changes to the combat within the game. From changes to damage, recoil, accuracy, everything has been rebalanced. The NPC behaviors have been modified to make them more dangerous on long ranges.



*************************prerelease for testings only**************************

-------------------------Motorbitch proudly presents:--------------------------

-----------------------Combat Experience Enhancement Mod-----------------------

-----------------------------------CEEM V0.9-----------------------------------

------------------------A Stalker: Clear Sky modification----------------------


this mod alters the combat experience with stalker: clear sky.

nearly all combat related values have been modified.
damagezones, bleeding, weapons recoil, accuracy and damage have been rewrtitten and rebalanced.
the behavior of all npcs have been modifyed: they will see and shoot much further and may panic, limp, and bleed to death. 
this mod does not incorporate any graphical, audio or non-combat related modifications.


put the fsgame.ltx and the gamedata folder in to your stalker directory.


0.9 fixed some weapon update values i had forgotten to tune against the changed weapon stats.more balancing to assault guns (bigger differences between weapons, less accuracy, less zoom for wp scope, more zoom for susat). tuned ai behavior. enemys are much more agressive on long range, especialy at night. tweakings onto damagesystem and bleeding.

0.8 initial release. all planned features, sub 0 level testings.

some details:

with this mod, the larger a weapon is, the more its accuracy will benefit from kneal down and sit still. on the other hand, the larger a weapon is, the more the accuracy will suffer if the wielder is running and jumping around.

damage is based on calibre and muzzle speed. assault rifles do more damage than pistols.

recoil has been entirely rewritten to gain a more realistic feeling.
in autofire, the recoil from the first shots will push the weapon more until the barrel becomes more study after some shoots fired.

its now possible to sneak on npc, as they wont automaticaly notice a hidden enemy if they  dont know already that there is danger near by.


bleeding is more dangerous. especialy hits to low body parts will cause heavy bleedings.

on novice player will take 20% weapondamage
on stalker player will take 50% weapondamage
on veteran player will take 75% weapondamage
on master player will take 100% weapondamage

enemy stalkers will always take 100% weapondamage.
this means, on master a headshot will insta-kill you.


this mod is largely based on my mmmombomos mod for the first stalker game. therefore, most of the changes made are well tested already. however, i decided to make this mod not as insanly hard as mmmombomos was. also, in clear sky the damagesystem has been changed quite a lot. therefore, the damage culd be improved with further  versions (ie: 1.0)

some warnings:
it is perfectly possible to use this mod together with almost any other mod, AS LONG as you use ALL files out of this mod. i strongly NOT recommend just to use parts of this mod because of the many dependencys between the files. 

legal stuff:

you may not include the files of this mod into your own mod until you asked me for permission. to get my permission, write a email to : motorbitch[at]web[dot]de

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