Clear Sky Faction Mod

This mods changes the Ecologist faction found in Yantar to the "Clear Sky" Faction. They will even be attack by the Zombied at random occasi...


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This mods changes the Ecologist faction found in Yantar to the "Clear Sky" Faction. They will even be attack by the Zombied at random occasions. Check out the readme for full details.

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Download 'csfm_2.2.2.rar' (32.6MB)

This mod replaces Ecologs Faction to Clear Sky . Clear Sky Faction is localizated at Yantar.Mercs or Zombied will attack Clear Sky Faction at Random Time.

Clear Sky Menbers only apear after the task of shut down the "Brainlab" of Yantar.
Mods Used:
Ecolog Mod 2.0 by EggChen;
Clear Sky Faction Suit ;
Discussion Threads:
Use this Threads if you founded any bug or for give feed back:
GSC Forum:
FileFront Forum:
Possible BugsCTD's:
- CTD after blowout end becouse Patrol Paths;
1ºExtract the gamedata to your stalker folder;
Installation Of Addons:
1º Just Extract the gamedata to your stalker shoc folder and DO NOT MERGE with the mod becouse it came already Merged
1ºJust delete the gamedata .
Yantar Terrain Custumization:
If you don't want Priboy Story Terrain at Yantar delete this files:
Faction Change and Reset Custumization:
If you want all Factions are avaible at beging in Sidorovich change this line in scriptsfancion_change

-- Make all factions available at start (does not include zombies).
-- The game will start with the option for Duty and Ecologists only, if this is set to false.
local all_factions_open = false 


local all_factions_open = true

If you are using 1.005 change this line in system.ltx
current_server_entity_version = 6 
current_server_entity_version = 7
Change Log of 2.2.2:
- Added Arena Extension Mod;
- Added DEXX blowout mod; (there is a hideouts marked in Map , they only apear when blowout starts)
- Added PKM - a few Experts stalkers uses it and only Barkeep and Ecolog Trader sells it;
- Fixed two CTD (at Radar level , when you try loot a Dead Clear Sky Stalker) and another at Rostok (When you try open that box near Gordon Freeman)
Thanks to:
EggChen for his Ecolog Mod 2.0 , Merc Retexture and Particule Enchantement  3.0
XStream for his AI Pack 
Ulfen for his Clear Sky skin of stalker Suit
Athanasios for His Emporikion mod 1.3
Artos and Simbion team xr_medic of Oblivion Lost 2.2 Mod and Kanyhilos for Let me use xr_medic of OL 2.2
DezOwave Team for Priboy Story Terrain
AMK Team for AMK Feature of NPC Looting and searching bodies
Atrocious for his Faction CHange and Reset Mod 1.1
Shebuka for his Repair Mod
nandersen  for help me with fix the loading save CTD
Elvis Scatter for his Golden AK-47su
Zero_3 for his Water Shaders 1.0
nandersen for his Dymanic Weather 0.3
Dexx for his Smart Marauder Mod and for his Blowout mod
sputnik_tr_02 for his Nature Mod Winter Edition
gosuke for his PKM of Weapon mod 1.02
Kstn, IG-2007 for their Arena Extension and to Siro and Darius6 for the Translation of Arena Extension
IF you want inclue this mod in your compilation or in another mod just leave me credit in your mod.

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