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This mod makes many changes to the gameplay in the game. You get better weapons when you start, you can buy all weapons/armors and much more...


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This mod makes many changes to the gameplay in the game. You get better weapons when you start, you can buy all weapons/armors and much more. See readme for full details.

This version has lessened the artifacts properties to make it a bit more challenging.

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Download '06.mod.moderate.rar' (2.3MB)

«ClearSky.EnGraphos.mod (0.6)» 

for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky v1.5.0.4

by EnGraphos



Put the gamedata folder to your S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky directory

Change the $game_data$ line in fsgame.ltx to look like below :

$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

CHANGE in this mod version 06

- this version has moderate damage for all weapons

- artefacts are not so powerfull like in versions: 0.4; 0.5

- ADVICE=======>do not put on weapons upgrade with accuracy (many of you guys know what happend when you overupgrade accuracy)

- shotguns, gauss rifle, desert eagle are the only weapons to powerfull from this mod

- better start  (cs-light-outfit, simple detector, vintorez, bm16, pm, ammo), previous versions have a to powerfull start now is good

- knife is very powerfull

ABOUT MOD...content
- better start  (cs-light-outfit, simple detector, vintorez, bm16, pm, ammo)

- you can buy every single armor/weapon upgrade

- armors now all have 5 artefact slots once upgraded

- you can attach silencers to upgraded pistols

- exo outfits sprint alowed

- damage weapons are moderate powerfull

- damage upgrade for weapons are still very powerfull

- pistols are very efficients

- "quest tresure"now are more rich in content only in: marsh, cordon, garbage, agropom and dark valey)

- artefacts now has better effects, "mama bread" is the best i find one in garbage at entrance in car park with stalker prisoners of bandits, but in every big zone:-) is at least one...

- svd sprint allowed 

- weapon degradation is slow now

- npcs can buy weapons and ammo, or sell you ammo

------------mods made by other stalkers included in this mod------------------------------------------ 

- blue dot for dead bodyes (LuxZg)

- clear sky mechanic can upgrade all (Bartimaeus)

- full upgrade for all outfits an weapons (joosukazail)


1.before modife armor or weapons make a savegame in front of if you select something wrong you reload the save every "quest tresure" information from barmans or anothers npcs are very can find armors (before they apear on traders, i made this to have a chance for a better outfit or weapon without join a faction...only you have to be neutral with theat faction), artefacts (theat normaly are hard to find, or imposible), weapons and other is worth to pay the price and see what you find...ha ha...

3. The best detector in the game is find it at top left of Swamp. Go north under the broken rail bridge turn right before the power lines to find a tunnel beneath a railway car. It is under the mattress and may not be visible.  When you are in
position against the wall and facing the mattress, the icon will appear in the middle of the screen. 


  Many thanks to:

- "niphty" for his tutorials

- "m0r3g0r3" for better start mod

-"LuxZg" and "Mystery0000" for Minimap mod - blue dot for dead bodies v1.1

- "Reptile4077" for Clear Sky - Weapon Damage

- "Bartimaeus" for clear sky mechanic upgrade all mod

- "joosukazail" for Full upgrades armors and weapons mod (1.0)


- 10x to filefront....and sorry for my bad english if i made mistakes, but i em francophon


Feel free to use this mod
in any way you like.
Just credit me!

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