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This is a mod compilation that includes the Weight Mod by Matts as well as the Luka00 Trader Mod along with several changes by the author....


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This is a mod compilation that includes the Weight Mod by Matts as well as the Luka00 Trader Mod along with several changes by the author.

Also includes a STALKER Cursor for use on your desktop!!!

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Download 'cs_alife_actor.zip' (3.89MB)

CSAA v1.0

>mod played in ver1.5.01, I am not have any trouble with this disk version so I haven't tested
with a patch ( patches give me the same problems everyone else has..)....

>I am no modder muchless understand the code, but I know enough to adjust it and I can see from other fans, 
maybe I should put it up. this is a mixed mod, 

>it uses the trader mod by luka00, thankyou luka00, it has been a great ideal!
the trader mod only supplies the CS camp trader, but if your running all over shouldn't
matter, I tried and failed to get another fully supplied trader anywere else.
So I am happy with it as is..( tip; if you leve the camp and return back his ammo supplie will be 

>it uses the weight_mod_v1.0 by Matts. This is the mod I had adjusted using the same settings I do on my
Warcatt suit for OL in SOC. since no one has came out with a compleate mod were I can adjust the enviroment,
it is here I adjusted the Actor instead, for once to work with you....

>Clear Sky Alife Actor...........

This is the mod for those who just want to PLAY THE GAME, not fight unjust odds...
Lets face it, some of those who deal with guns as part of the job dosen't need to 
slapped in the face by a game who claims a reality in combat, its insulting....
or just want to simply play the game with out quick save every second becaused you are being
jumped by enemys that kill you with one bullet to the head, ( wich it seems every one can 
kill you with the expert one shot including the bandit n0obs....)

>lets face it, enemy engadgement gameplay wise to SOC. it will never compare its the worst... 

after all there is nothing>>>>REAL<<<< about popping a bandit with 30 Armor pericing rounds
as he runs unhurt in a leather jacket and kills you with a basic air pistol joke for a gun...

There is nothing>>>>REAL<<<< about everyone out running your granade throw before you do and know 
were it will land and avoid it compleatly...

>I have discovered a large number of people turning compleatly to mods for what? Not because the game is
better than SOC and want to experince a new game ( yeah right, thats a laugh! )

Because the game has become a Joke, and for others I am finding out the mods are adding more problems
than the ability to even PLAY IT, to be JUST DONE WITH IT ALL TOGEATHER.....

>maybe this mod is the solution for you......Clear Sky Alife Actor, it is now your turn to be the super soilder
robot no one can stop, it is your turn to be a cheating unreal Alife unit like the rest.

>why bother with extra cheat softwere when you can be the same kinda of cheating Alife that is killing you..

>no more instant out of the clear blue &quot; HAY I AM CONTAMINATED WITH RADITION!! AND DYING!!..AUGH! ( wHAT HAPPEND?)&quot; 
as you go belly up.( raditaion may not kill you but if you buy the green bubble artifact, you won&apos;t go 
through game life highly contaminated....)

>that super gunner at the military out post? you are the game, Take em all out. ( gunner spawns back 
in 2 sec after you leave the base..like it matters now..)

>who cares if the enemy is fighting side by side with mutants as they both gang up on you now!...

>novic and stalker levels are invulnerble
but stalker is not twords telepathic

>veteran can absorb hits but not burn, explosions and teleapathic 

>master can absorb hits but not burn, and explosions

>Absorbtion note; this means if some one pounds you with 12 granades you may bleed hard, but you will self heal
quick. but if the health meter falls should recover, if not fast enough, walk into the line of fire, or a anomily,
or jump off a high building, it will return you health meter faster...

>actor has higher walk rating for weight

>takes a lessor hit proablity, sopose to anyway..

>health restores and wounds heal like magic

>Walk power restores like magic

>YOU can actully survive the game itself besides the zone...

>dosen&apos;t change anything else in the game but YOU!

>tip; when you go find Fang and get ambushed by the bandits? go beside the building and drop everything,
 including your suit. that way when you get ambushed it won&apos;t be stolen...


>Like any mod copy the gamdata folder into the ( exsample) c:Programs FilesDeep SilverS.T.A.L.K.E.R. -Clear Sky

make sure the fsgame.ltx has been already set (see exsample below..)


$game_data$             = false|  true|  $fs_root$|            gamedata


$game_data$             = true|  true|  $fs_root$|            gamedata

if you run into a spot of trouble then use the fsgame.ltx that I am sending with it

>I am running under version 1.5.01. I have no problems with the game itself muchless the mod.
it has never been tested in a patch version. You may want to expermint if you wish, or if a real modder
you may do as you will. all I did was add Luka00&apos;s mod and adjusted Matts mod, nothing more.

>this is a mod more for Stalker fans who are done with it, eather through frustartion of the fight
or dosn&apos;t feel like wasting their time anymore with the game (which happends to be more than I even know).
 New players who are reaching this point may want to try this... 

as a bonus for those who dosen&apos;t have one I am also sending the stalker ani cursor. copy the cursor into

then goto you mouse properties and change out pointers...

enjoy.....wooohoo!!! ( fun times )?

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