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This is a mod that adds in a selection of weapons and outfits that the author, DeMoche, has created (plus a couple of extras).

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This is a mod that adds in a selection of weapons and outfits that the author, DeMoche, has created (plus a couple of extras).

The added suits are pretty kick-ass, as can be seen in the screenshots below (hybrid Duty and SEVA suit!), and the modified weapons have a unique feel and blend to them. The MP5 will fit in the ammo slow and use 18mm ammo, the LR300 is silenced and has a scope (additional grenade launcher possible) and uses 5.45x39 ammunition, the Gauss Rifle has a faster fire rate, sprint allowed, has a silencer, and can use both Gauss ammo and buckshot, and finally, the FN2000 has all the features of the Gauss Rifle, plus option for a silencer and grenade launcher.

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Weapons and Armor v1.0
By DeMoche
This mod works on my PC using Stalker v10001 (first patch release)
These Items i have modified myself to test certain things and for personal enjoyment in higher difficulty settings. Some may think these overpowered but meh....

If you wish to use these in your own mods, i dont mind.If you wish to change these for whatever reason i dont mind that either. Bit of recognition though would be cool. Any problems let me know, I often check modding forums here at stalker.filefront and at 

Installation: extract into Stalker folder and start game
You shouldn't need to start new game i didn't need to but i cant be sure.
If you already have mods that affect the files i listed then some copy/paste between em should do the job.

This is a selection of weapons and outfits i have made and a couple of extras. These items cannot be damaged or degrade (unless you give em to NPC's)

2 outfits- one using the Duty SEVA skin. The other uses the SKAT-9m suit (military commander) the military suit i made after the seva.
4 weapons- 
Mp5- read the stats basically but the big difference is that it will fit in pistol slot. Also will use 18mm fmj/pmm pistol ammo.
lr300- silenced and scoped you can add a Grenade launcher if you want it. Uses 5.45x39 fmj/ap type.
Gauss Rifle- Fast fire, sprint allowed with silencer (so it doesn't sound like a cannon), Uses both gauss ammo and buckshot.
Fn2000- basically does all the same things as the gauss rifle but not silenced (has option though) main thing is it looks like a fn2000 but has gauss rifle effects with option for silencer and with grenade launcher installed.

All these items have been added to first trader and are extremely cheap this was mainly for my own testing purposes, feel free to change prices. (change price in unique_items.ltx)
Also allows purchase of silencer, m203 GL, and gauss ammo.

the 2 files in config\text\eng 
They just have the descriptions for the outfits and weapons

I have changed the ammunition (gauss and buckshot) to have less weight, cost less and increased amount per 'box'

in other words ammo_gauss has
cost			= 15

box_size		= 100

inv_weight		= .10

Similar thing with buckshot.

Thanks go to the whole Stalker mod community.

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