| Detailpack_1.1-Joro | Yes a detailpack with some...


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| Detailpack_1.1-Joro | Yes a detailpack with some reskin and fun stuff.

| UDPDATES IN V.1.1 ¤Some Soviet propaganda is in the bar om the walls. ¤A real map of pripyat just for fun. ¤The computers has a Linux boot on it´s screen. ¤Eco-Trader has a secret on his desk ;)

More fun to come. | ALREADY INCLUDED.(From the earlyier versions).

¤Toilets are full of maggots and blood. ¤ECO-Stalker´s had their projectbarrels put out everywhere. ¤The (un)famous russian Explosive barrel is in this package. ¤Toxic Waste-barrels are everywhere and smells nice. ¤A incognito barrel has been reskinned to nicer one. ¤A crate has been reskinned with more army-greenisch

Known bugs/fun things. |

Some stuff like the ovenhatch, small gastank has ben reskinned with slightly greenish and eco-stalker skin. BUT it´s not so dangerous at is sounds.

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Download 'detailpack_1.1joro.rar' (1.25MB)

Yes i´m here again with my small funny mods.
And i´m very proud of them hehe.

It´s free to use my Mods in yours
Give some Cred to me in them.

Put the map "textures" in gamedata map, And It´s Done.

Just Delete the map "textures" In gamedata

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