Dexxtaa's D-Eagle/Big Boy Mini-Mod

This mod lets the Big Boy Desert Eagle fire 45 caliber rounds instead of rifle rounds.


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This mod lets the Big Boy Desert Eagle fire 45 caliber rounds instead of rifle rounds.

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Dexxtaa's D-Eagle/Big Boy mini-mod;

this is a small mod that enables the Big Boy modified desert eagle to fire .45 acp and .45 hydroshock magnum rounds (because i found it terribly annoying that i could only fire rifle rounds from the thing). this is the first mod ive ever submitted, so be nice. 

other notes;
if you want to know how to modify the ammo specs; just find your 'weapons' folder
 and look for the weapon you want to edit (reminder that the names are different in the folder ie; viper = mp5). Look for the ammo_class and just insert the ammo type you want the gun to fire. reminder also that the unique weapons (fast shooting ak's and such) are located in the unique_items.ltx file, not the regular 'weapons' folder. 

even more notes;
in the unlikely event that you DID read the other notes section, id just like to say that you should be able to modify any weapon you want to use whatever ammo you want. there are other options to play with (like the sprint = true/false) but since this is a really minor mod, ill not go into that. besides, i imagine there are tutorials out there for this. 

just unzip the file to your S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl directory. 

to use;
just switch your ammo when using the big boy, and you should be able to use the .45 acp ammo.

its ridiculously unlikely there will be any kinds of bugs. i only changed what kind of ammo the big boy uses. 

if there are any questions (haha) or if you'de just like to tell me how cool i am (yeah right), email me at dextersoong[at]hotmail[dot]com

legal crap that you dont read anyway;
-if you choose (puh-leeze) to use this in your own mod, do so, i dont really want credit, considering you could probably do it on your own. redistribution blah blah blah whatever, bottom line -> you can do whatever you want with this mod, even feed it to your pet rat, if you want to credit me, go ahead. if not, thats all good too. 

-GSC for bringing the awesome concept of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 
-THQ for cutting a lot of stuff that would've made this game even better
-GSC and THQ for making the game, so we can all sit in front of our computers all day fermenting, like soy beans. 
-all the modders who made previous tweaks to the game files, so i could actually figure out how to do this thing without a tutorial.

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