Dragunov Headsplitter 3000, Auto-Beretta and Hand-Cannon

Chove's Equalizer Pack comprises:

Sid's own Dragunov Headsplitter 3000 Sniper Rifle - a 7-shot hard-hitting rifle that you can sprint wit...


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Chove's Equalizer Pack comprises:

Sid's own Dragunov Headsplitter 3000 Sniper Rifle - a 7-shot hard-hitting rifle that you can sprint with. Modified heavily including re-boring to accommodate the abundant 5.45mm round. Also uses a modified scope with a central red pointer, thanks to the Advanced Scope Pack V2 by Domm.

A sawn-off double-barreled shotgun which fits in your pistol slot. The Hand-Cannon!

A Beretta which can be set for single or full-automatic fire. It's 25 bullet mag takes the 19mm projectile.

All these are virtually given to you by Sid at the beginning of the game.

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Download 'chove_equaliser_pack.zip' (1.95MB)

Sidorovich says:

So Marked One, I saved you....

And the Zone's a pretty tough place for somebody with amnesia.

I'm going to need you to get to the far North to help open a trade route so ; no way am I going to send you out of here unarmed!  That would be crazy. Now that Wolf - he might give you a pistol if you help him but - a pistol?  Just a pistol?  If you die, who else would help me?  No.  I'm going to give you some weapons so that you at least stand a chance of succeeding.

Here's a "pistol" for you - a 12 gauge, sawn-off hand-cannon.  It will fit in your pistol slot.  See the nice thigh holster I made for it?  Oh - I've added a little of the artifact Gravis to the barrels and firing mechamnism.  The effect is that the shot now fires faster and it draws radioactive particles from the air, increasing the mass of the projectile.  So - more damage, that's for sure but it doesn't shoot as far as a normal shotgun.

If you prefer an actual pistol, then here's one that can be fired on full automatic - an Auto-Beretta!  I had the magazine expanded to fit twenty-five 19mm rounds and the firing mechanism completely re-worked.  Because the gun is so light, I had inertia-dampeners installed to counteract the recoil.

So that's the small stuff. 

Now I'm going to give you my very own sniper rifle from the days when I was a merc doing wet work for the KGB.  And, since the discovery of artifacts, I've done, well - a lot of modifications to it.  It used to be a standard Dragunov but now...

It's been re-bored to accept the 5.45 mm round. You'll find this handy as that's a common ammo type used in the Zone.  I also had a new scope fitted - the Domm-Smirnoff type.  I prefer a red pointer to those arrow-types you know.  It has a central light-intensifier too.  Finally, I used Gravis once again to speed the round and make it heavier once it leaves the barrel.  So a much, much bigger punch.  The only drawback is that it can only accomodate seven rounds in the mag.  Oh - and it jams from time to time.  Too often for my liking but, well - I just make sure my secondary weapon is loaded at all times.

So that's it, Stalker.  Now you should have at least a chance of getting through the Zone.  I wish I had ammo to give you too but the military came through here last week and confiscated all that I had.  Luckily I had these weapons buried in a stash out the back.  Never mind.  I'm sure you'll find enough bullets if you're careful where you place the shots that you've got. 

So there you have it - Chove's Stalker Equaliser Pack

It comprises:

Domm's Advanced Scopes Mod - nice red-dot scopes instead of those green arrowhead jobs. 

My custom SVD Sniper Rifle - accurate, 7 round mag, high hitting power but ... jams from time to time.
And yes, you can sprint with it.  I figure if you can sprint with it in your backpack, then you can sprint with it in your hands.
It has the nifty little "I'm special" green arrow in your inventory slot.

My custom sawn-off Hand-Cannon which occupies your pistol slot - very deadly but shorter than usual range.
No nifty green arrow here - don't know how to make those yet.

My custom Auto-Beretta - fires a 25 round clip in either full-auto or single shot.  I like to think of it as like Celine's Beretta 93R from the movie, Underworld.  Thanks here to the maker of Sgt Kelly mod for inspiration.
No nifty green arrow here either.

The weapons are available only from Sidorovich, the Trader and only at the beginning of the game - they were given to you by him, after all (Actually, he sells them to you for 10 RU each).



If this is the one and only mod you plan to use - it's dead simple:

1/ Extract the zipfile to your computer somewhere, say, the desktop.  You will get a folder called "gamedata".  Copy this folder into you main STALKER directory.

2/ If you haven't already done this for playing with other mods - 

Edit the file 'fsgame.ltx' in the Stalker main directory with notepad .

Change the line beginning with $game_data$ to match with the line written below:

$game_data$  	= true|	true|	$fs_root$|	gamedata

this line lets STALKER know that you want to use the mod contained in the gamedata folder, you see.

3/ Fire up the game and have some fun, knowing you stand a real chance of surviving.

IF YOU HAVE OTHER MODS INSTALLED, then you'll need to get on the forums to learn how to implement the contents of my weapons pack with other mods.


Permission and credit etc.

Advanced Scopes Pack 2 from http://stalker.filefront.com/file/AdvancedScopes_pack2;82058 
Sgt. Kelly Mod from http://stalker.filefront.com/file/Sgt_Kellys_Mod;79316

Feel free to use my weapons in any mods, just give me credit somewhere.  :-)

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