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Here is an updated version of the Endurance Mod. Check the readme below!



Endurance Mod Version 1.1 by gullgotha

Mod is for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl v1.001 (by THQ)

-New in version 1.1-

changed the max weight limit before you cannot walk to 200, seems to me you should be able to carry some extra stuff back to the trader instead of making two trips, just dont expect to be sprinting back.

removed a usless .0 at the end of the max_item_mass in the actors.ltx, no one was ever hurt by clean code.


A quick mod to make it so you have a 150kg weight limit (instead of 50kg) before you start slowing down and a 200kg weight limit before you cannot move. 

Im about to put out three other mods, one that makes it so armor will not degrade, one so unique weapons will not degrade and one more so normal weapons will not degrade. They are seprate so you can choose what you want to degrade or not. They should all be compatible with each other and this mod. If there is a call out for it, i will combine all these mods together if you want, but i thought id put them out seperate so you can have the options you want.


Extract the gamedata folder into your STALKER directory


GSC Game World
Tom (for introducing me to the wonderful world of stalker)
and a shout out to my man nick and his woman chika, chilling in japan.

-Files and lines modded-

max_weight	= 150 (was 50)

max_item_mass	= 150 (was 50)
max_walk_weight	= 200 (was 70)

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