Exo Skin & Icons for OL2.2+Arsenal Mod



This is my first skin upload, that includes Exo skin, UI icons, and 100 Rads bar sign. Please give some comment...



Firstly I need to tell is my english is poor, so I'm sorry for any grammatical error or any word that you can't understand..

Also, I'm new to retexturing.. So if there is some flaw, please advice..

This file includes a new loner exoskeleton texture for S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl & also Oblivion Lost 2.2+Arsenal Mod, and a new hi-res anime 100 Rads sign (it's a sexy one)

I changed some descriptions of the equipments.. Eg. Tourist Delight -> Military Ration, because original description says that it was raided from the military base, right? So why it's called Tourist Delight?

Anyway, I also included some other texture mods by other modders.. but their mods doesnt include the items icon, so I edited the icons so it would turn out just like the item..

To Install:

1st time MOD:
Just copy the gamedata folder and paste it into your S.T.A.L.K.E.R SHoC main directory, then open the fsgame.ltx with the notepad and change the :

from ->		$game_data$	   	= false|		true|	$fs_root$|		gamedata

to ->		$game_data$   		= true|			true|	$fs_root$|		gamedata

Already have a gamedata folder:

Just merge this folder with yours..

Note: Please check the "string_table_enc_equipment" file because it may interfere with other mods. Backup your original one just in case..

Mods included:

- Blue Opeth Guitar by Scott Kizewski - He said PAY ME in his readme.. Is he for real? If he is, I'm sorry for illegally included his mod in my compilation..

- Hi-Res Cola Wars Pack by KnifeInFace - But I only took his Pepsi textures, I'll try to post the icons for Coca-Cola next time..


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