Explosive Barrel Reskin

#Expl_Barrel_Reskin-Joro #

The damn red barrel that explodes looks so incogni...


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#Expl_Barrel_Reskin-Joro #

The damn red barrel that explodes looks so incognito, And the military got tired of that because they always get blown away while taking cover behind them (Morons) ;) so they attached some warning labels and (If you choose) painted a white stripe. Soo there is 2 choises RED WITH WARNING OR RED WITH WARNING AND WHITE STRIPE

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Download 'expl_barrel_reskin.rar' (726KB)

Yes i´m here again with my small funny mods.
And i´m very proud of them hehe.

It´s free to use my Mods in yours
Give some Cred to me in them.
In this case please write "Expl_Barrel_Reskin-Joro"

Choose your barrel.
Put The "mtl_barrel_05.dds" In gamedata/textures/mtl And It´s Done.

Just Delete "mtl_barrel_05.dds" In gamedata/textures/mtl

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