Faction Change And Reset (stand-alone)

-- "Faction Change And Reset 1.1" (stand-alone) by Atrocious...


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-- "Faction Change And Reset 1.1" (stand-alone) by Atrocious--

This mini-mod allows you to join any faction in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.!

Oblivion Lost 2.0 users, get the OL 2.0 add-on of this mod: http://stalker.filefront.com/file/Faction_Change_And_Reset_for_OL_20;89660

Not experienced with merging? If you want a mod that can easily be merged with other mods, stick to the 1.0 version: http://stalker.filefront.com/file/Faction_Change_And_Reset;89131

THIS version is better, but also more complex. If you want this mod as stand-alone or have some experience with merging mods, it should be no problem for you to use version 1.1.

Features: - Join any faction you want at the trader in Cordon! - Reset hostile status if you messed with a faction! - Reset hostile status if you messed with an important camp! - Receive gifts when joining a faction! - Joining factions is not for free, the price depends on your standing. - "First time join for free" - option available - Appropriate area accessibility - Join/Leave Freedom and Duty at their HQ; Ecologists at Yantar - Military has a special way of dealing with traitors - Weapon won't be hidden at the traders. Necessary when you play a hostile faction. - Configurable for different preferences. - Easily integrateable into other mods. - Localisation in English and German. - Localisation can be extended easily.

Changes in 1.1: - I added a new black bandit suit to the game. It's unique because you can only get it by joining the bandits. Bandits starting equippment has changed. - The scientists in Yantar will lock down the bunker, if an enemy tries to enter. Note: Freedom are enemies of the scientists, in case you didn't know. - Scientists hotfix #1 & #2 included - If you are an enemy of the scientists and want a psy emitter, you have to search the dead bodies of the academics that you wasted. Maybe one of them carries a prototype. - Comes for STALKER 1.0005 / 1.0006 with patch for 1.0004 included - Some minor changes here and there.

Savedgame compatibility: STALKER - This mod is not compatible with regular STALKER savedgames. You'll have to start a new game.

Faction Change And Reset 1.0 - This updated version is ONLY full compatible with your savedgames from FCAR 1.0, if you didn't enter the Wild Territory. If you've entered the area and don't posses a psy helmet yet, you won't be able to achive one - IF YOU ARE HOSTILE to the scientists. If you've already finished X16 or at least posses the psy helmet, you should be fine with your saves nevertheless.

Version notes: You need STALKER 1.0004 or newer to run the mod. You DON'T NEED the version 1.0 of the mod. You should delete the gamedata folder if you have used the 1.0 version. This should be the last update for "Faction Change And Reset 1.0". I will work on a better version, but that will be very different and presumely called 2.0.

Credit and greetings to: Kanyhalos, Russo and anyone who helped me during the learning process.

Use this thread for suggestions, comments, etc.: http://forums.filefront.com/s-t-l-k-e-r-modding-editing/358446-rel-faction-change-reset-1-0-a.html#post4302124


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Download 'faction_change_and_reset_standalone_1.1.zip' (157KB)

I don't want to paste the whole readme here, because it's very long! You'll find it in the file.

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