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Brief introduction Faction commander is a powerful mod that allows you to dictate orders that your faction follows. The command system of this mod is composed of six types of commands and three classes of action codes. The commands include Default, Assemble, Expansion, Cancel, Attack, and Defend command. The action codes consist of Green, Yellow and Red code which represent the magnitude of an action. Non-player factions also have their commanders who use artificial intelligence and could make counteractions to their enemy. You could choose four levels of artificial intelligence, they are Disable, Normal, Hard and Insane.

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Download 'factioncommander_1.5.rar' (88KB)

-------------------------------------- 1.5 --------------------------------------
1. Compatible with 1.5.07
2. The AI of non-player factions has been improved, now they could attack and eliminate the base of their enemy.
3. The codes of action have been redefined. 
Your faction would keep one squad in every territory to defend, the surplus squads are called "idle squads".
Green Code: 20 percent of "idle squads" would join the action.
Yellow Code: 50 percent of "idle squads" would join the action.
Red Code: 100 percent of "idle squads" would join the action.
4. You don't have to reset your command after the loading or level changing, all the last settings you used could be saved automatically.
5. You could examine the current targets of your squads and the respawn points, resource points and the important territories of the current level. (by using the intelligence button)
6. Fix the bug that could cause CTD when you spawn squads in Clear Sky base.
7. Limit the number of squads you could spawn, which prevents CTD when some players try to spawn too many squads in a location unconsciously.
8. Limit the number of squads that could participate in combats of a location, which prevents CTD caused by line 155 of "patrol_path_manager.cpp".
9. The cut creatures is seperated from Faction Commander mod and put into optional mod package, which prevents some CTD that might be relating to cut creatures.

Conclusion: This version of mod is more stable, but less intense than the last version.
The major of CTD problems could be solved by sacrificing the intensity of combats.

-------------------------------------- 1.0 --------------------------------------

Functions and improvements:
1. Command System
Default:	Your soldiers would extend their influence slowly.
Cancel:		Your soldiers would cancel their current action and wait for orders.
Expansion:	Your soldiers would extend their influence aggressively. They could attack and capture spawn points and resource points.
Assemble:	Your soldiers would come to the position where their commander stands. Then they would follow the commander.
Attack:		Your soldiers would attack the positions which are the current targets of the "faction war". They would attack the next points after the capture.
Defend:		Your soldiers would defend the positions where your enemy faction attacks.

Green Code:		Only the soldiers who have nothing to do would take the action. Thus the magnitude of this type of action is very small.
Yellow Code:	Most soldiers of your faction would participate in the action, only one squad of every territory of your faction would be kept to defend. The magnitude of this type of action is relatively large.
Red Code:		All soldiers, except the soldiers who have something to do with quests and storyline, would participate in the action. So the magnitude of action could be very large.

2. Artificial Intelligence
Disable:	Non-player factions could execute the Default Command.
Normal:		Non-player factions could execute the Expansion, Attack and Defend Command, and the action code is Green.
Hard:		Non-player factions could execute the Expansion, Attack and Defend Command, and the action code is Yellow.
Insane:		Non-player factions could execute the Expansion, Attack and Defend Command, and the action code is Red.

3. Territory Capture
In the vanilla Clear Sky, every territory allows only one faction to enter and capture it. 
After capture, other faction have to eliminate the soldiers in the territory to recapture it.
However, when the two factions are friends it's impossible to recapture the territory because they can't attack each other.
If the uncapturable territory is an important target in the "faction war", your process of "faction war" would become stagnant.
I have removed the restriction. When a territory is captured by faction A, faction B could recapture it if B brings soldiers as many as two times of A.

4. Pathfinding improvement
The path finding script in vanilla Clear Sky is buggy. I have fixed it.
Currently almost every points in the map are accessible.

5. Respawn improvement
The respawn algorithm in vanilla Clear Sky is also buggy.
In vanilla version, when respawning is invoked, all creatures would be spawned in one point instantly, which could cause some problems such as CTD and lag.
The improved respawn algorithm spawn creatures in random points nonsimultaneously. Thus it's more robust.

6. Cut creatures return
The cut creatures: zombie, chimera, cat, burer would be respawned in respawn point now.
The zombie could appear in all maps.

7. Summon Soldier
Commander could spawn a squad of the same faction as the commander instantly.

8. Faction Changer
You could join five faction freely, they are: loner, bandit, freendom, duty, clearsky.
You cann't join "special factions" in this version of mod.

9. Add to the amount of soldiers of every faction

10. Ingame User Interface
The summon soldier button could be found in here.

Copy the archive to the folder where you install the game, and extract it to the folder.
If you haven't modified the fsgame.ltx before, you have to change 
$game_data$ = false| true| $fs_root$| gamedata 	to
$game_data$ = true|	true| $fs_root$| gamedata
You don't have to restart game to adapt to this mod.
It works great on CS 1.5.05.

How to use
Press ESC, then press F2, and enjoy it. :)

Copyright Declaration
This mod is developed by Chen Lin Peng. If you want to modify, copy, and redistribute this mod, you have to give credit to me.
You could contact me at quake_clp@hotmail.com

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