Faiakes Mod

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Another great mod combination by Faiakes.

This one combines these following mods.

  • No Degrade Unique Weapons Mod Version 1.0
  • No Degrade Normal Weapons Mod Version 1.0
  • Endurance Mod Version 1.1
  • No time limit on quests Mod v0.01
  • Armor Decay Mod v.01
  • MP5 submachine gun slot1 mod
  • Trader Mod v1.1


Stalker_Faiakes Mod v1.1


This mod is a combination of some of the most popular mods out there right now, and it drastically changes the single player game.

---Major features---

- Buy almost EVERYTHING from any trader.
- Have non-degrading Armor and Weapons.
- Have the MP5 fitting in your small weapon slot.
- Have side-quests without a time limit.
- Be able to carry more (up to 500kg load instead of 50kg)


Extract and place the gamedata folder to (usually):

...\Program Files\THQ\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl

If you already have an MP5 in your inventory, you may lose it. Sell it/save 
it somewhere first before using this mod.


1.0 -> 1.1

Replaced gullgotha's NoDegradeArmor mod, which wasn;t working properly with 
PiIsARational's Armor Decay Mod v.01, which does seem to work.


gullgotha	for: No1DegradeUniqueWeapons Mod Version 1.0

gullgotha	for: NoDegradeNormalWeapons Mod Version 1.0 

gullgotha	for: Endurance Mod Version 1.1 

PiIsARational	for: No time limit on quests Mod v0.01

PiIsARational	for: Armor Decay Mod v.01 

LOKBOMB		for: MP5 submachine gun slot1 mod

Balnazzar	for: Trader Mod v1.1 


You may modify it.
You may distribute it.
You may include it into your mods but please give me & respective authors the credit (see credits).
You may NOT charge money for it (apart from minimum shipping costs & format (e.g. CD).


faiakes AT hotmail.co.uk

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