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Following the release of Faiakes Mod 1.4, is version 1.5. And I tell you, this one is even more kick-ass than the other! Version 1.5 involve...


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Following the release of Faiakes Mod 1.4, is version 1.5. And I tell you, this one is even more kick-ass than the other! Version 1.5 involves a unique system that 'miniaturizes' all of the larger weapons (such as rifles) so that they fit in your handgun slot, so accessing the inventory to switch rifles is not needed as often!

The L86 Blood Texture, Advanced Mapping System, iPhone PDA, Transport Mod, Hands Mod, and Raw's Revamp Mod 1.02 have all been added to this version of Faiakes.

It is strongly, strongly suggested that you check out this mod. It's the collaboration of many awesome mods - plus it's own features and highlights - that makes Faiakes Mod truly shine.

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Download 'stalker_faiakes_v15.zip' (23.38MB)

Stalker_Faiakes Mod v1.5

========== Description ==========

Finding S.T.A.L.K.E.R. too frustrating and slow?

This mod tries to bring the game closer to the FPS genre.

========== Major features ==========

- Buy almost EVERYTHING from any trader.
- Have riffles fit the handgun slot!
- Have non-degrading Armor and Weapons.
- Have reliable (non-misfiring) weapons.
- Have all MP5s fitting in your small weapon slot.
- Have side-quests without a time limit.
- Be able to carry more (300kg instead of 50kg).
- More gruesome blood effects.
- Add scopes, silencers, and grenade launchers to more weapons.
- Better english text dialogues and descriptions.
- Better looking skins for weapons.
- Drive yourseld around in vehicles
- Have text on the map to know where everything is
- Accurate weapon stats.

========== Change Log ==========

1.4 -> 1.5

- Added Breda's l86_blood_texture mod
- Added ZanderArch's advanced_mapping_system v1.5 mod
- Added Superfly's iphone PDA mod
- Added Balnazzar's Transport Mod v1.0 + Patch
- Added FacTor-X's Hands mod
- Updated Raw's Revamp mod to v1.02

- DOUBLE-mini-WEAPONS mod (by Faiakes). Have most riffles/other weapons fit 
the handgun slot. Switch between riffles without accessing your inventory!

- Farshooter SVDm 2 price has increased to 33.000
- Storming Obokan price has increased to 8.000
- Sniper Obokan price has increased to 8.000
- Sniper VLA price has increased to 20.000
- Lightened IL 86 price has increased to 10.000
- Gauss riffle price has increased price of 34.000
- Vintar BC price has increased to 25.000
- Storming SIP price has increased to 14.000
- Sniper SGI price has increased to 15.000
- Bulldog 6 price has increased to 25.000
- Bulldog-6 m209 price has increased to 27.000
- Tunder 5.45 price has increased to 22.000
- Balance IL 86 price has increased to 11.000
- Akm 74/2U special price has increased to 3.000
- Fast-Shooting Akm 74/2 price has increased to 6.000
- Combat Chaser price has increased to 6.000
- Threaded SPASA-14 price has increased to 6.000
- RPG-7u price has increased to 25.000

1.3 -> 1.4

- Added Gohda's Retextured AK-74u and AK-74 mod (mix & match)
- Added Gohda's Retextured USP - Stainless Steel Slide (mix & match)
- Added Gohda's Retextured Winchester 1300 - Wood Parts
- Added SMASHER4YA's lr300_spas12_deagle_beretta_sounds mod
- Added Akame's akamestalkersaund mod v1.1 (mix & match)
- Added dDefinder's Improve Sound Effects v0.4 (mix & match)
- Added Wildwing's G36 crosshair mod [haven't heard back from you but your 
readme allows(?) it]
- Added Wildwing's l85 crosshair mod [likewise]
- Added Cryomerk's Reskin Pack #1 G36/Sig550/AKM74 (mix & match)
- Added Mattressi's Gritty Chrome Desert Eagle re-skin v1.0
- Added further gameplay advice to the guide
- Added installation details.
- Exoskeleton (unique) had its price increased to 110.000
- SEVA suit had its price increased to 62.000
- Corrected 1.2 -> 1.3 log: Gauss riffle had its price increased to 32000 
not 28000

1.2 -> 1.3

- Added Josh's (YourMessageHere) STALKER Realistic-looking Weapon Pack, 
without the text modifications (mix & match)
- Added Balnazzar's Retexture Mod v1.0 (mix & match)
- Added in weapons' description the precise figures for: Range, Accuracy, 
Rounds per second, Mag size
- FT 200M had its accuracy increased to match the GP 37
- FT 200M had its fire distance increased to match the GP 37
- FT 200M had its fire rate slighty increased
- FT 200M had its zoom increased by ~75%
- FT 200M had its price increased to 38000
- Gauss riffle had its fire rate increased by 50% (takes 1.5sec per shot 
instead of 2sec)
- Gauss riffle had its zoom increased by 33%
- Gauss riffle had its price increased to 32000
- Added gameplay advice to the guide
- Added the ReadMe files of all the mods I use in mine
- Corrected 1.1 -> 1.2 log: Noiseless Viper had its accuracy increased by 
33% not 20%

1.1 -> 1.2

- Added tharawdeal's Raw's Revamp Mod v1.1, improving the English text.
- Addded Swifty Magee's Additional Add-ons v1.0 mod.
- Added AntiWiggin's Tweaked Blood V1.3 mod.
- Noiseless Viper (mp5) can now use both 9x18 + 9x19 bullets.
- Noiseless Viper (mp5) can now fit in small weapon slot.
- Noiseless Viper has an ammo mag of 40 now.
- Noiseless Viper has increased accuracy by 33%.
- Noiseless Viper now costs 3200, to balance it out and because the trader 
mod makes it too easy to have unique items.
- Viper 5 has increased accuracy by 20%.
- Viper 5 now costs 2600, to balance it out and because the trader mod makes 
it too easy to have unique items.
- Gauss rifle does not prevent you from sprinting (I never got that. It's 
neither too big nor too heavy).
- FT 200M has an ammo mag of 40 now.
- Reduced carry load to 300Kg, as many people found it ridiculous (have 
added a guide below, though, on how to change it to whatever you want).
- Added/improved the description of all 3 mp5 weapons (and will continue in 
next version for all weapons).

1.0 -> 1.1

- Replaced gullgotha's NoDegradeArmor mod, which wasn't working properly 
PiIsARational's Armor Decay Mod v.01, which works perfectly.

========== Installation ==========

Extract and place the gamedata folder to (usually):

..\Program Files\THQ\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl

***** NOTE *****

1. For the Double-mini-Weapons mod to come into effect you have to start a 
new game (as for the transport mod)

2. If you already have an MP5 in your inventory, you may lose it. Sell 
it somewhere first before using this mod.

3. The Stalker Faiakes mod is meant for Veteran and Master level, otherwise 
it'll make the game too easy.

4. If you can't get this (or any other mod) to work, you just need to modify 
the file fsgame.ltx, which is in the same folder where you placed the 
gamedata folder of this mod.

Simply, right-click on fsgame.ltx, choose 'open with', click the bottom 
option 'Choose Program...', select  Notepad from the list, check the option 
below to always open that type of file woth Notepad and then click 'OK'.

Open the file and the second line will look like this (a bit more spread 
apart but ignore that):
$game_data$ = false| true| $fs_root$| gamedata\

Replace the first 'false' with a 'true' and the whole thing should look 
$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata\

Save, close and you'll find your mods work fine now.

========== Credits ==========

In alphabetical order

Akame			for: akamestalkersaund mod v1.1

AntiWiggin's 		for: Tweaked Blood v1.3 mod

Balnazzar		for: Trader Mod v1.1

Balnazzar		for: Retexture Mod v1.0

Balnazzar		for: Transport Mod v1.0 + Patch

Breda			for: l86 blood texture mod

Cryomerk		for: Reskin Pack #1 (G36/Sig550/AKM74)

dDefinder		for: Improve Sound Effects v0.4

FacTor-X		for: Hands mod

Gohda			for: Retextured AK-74u and AK-74 mod

Gohda			for: Retextured USP - Stainless Steel Slide

Gohda			for: Retextured Winchester 1300 - Wood Parts

gullgotha		for: No1DegradeUniqueWeapons Mod Version v1.0

gullgotha		for: NoDegradeNormalWeapons Mod Version v1.0

gullgotha		for: Endurance Mod Version v1.1

Lokbomb 		for: Viper to Pistol Slot Mod

PiIsARational		for: No time limit on quests Mod v0.01

PiIsARational		for: Armor Decay Mod v.01

SMASHER4YA		for: lr300 spas12 deagle beretta sounds mod

Superfly		for: iPhone PDA mod

Swifty Magee		for: Additional Add-ons Mod v1.0

tharawdeal		for: Raw's Revamp Mod v1.1

YourMessageHere		for: STALKER Realistic-looking Weapon Pack

ZanderArch		for: Advanced mapping system v1.5 mod

All changes, beyond what the credited mods originally offer, are mine.
All changes, not credited to a specific modder, are mine.

Special thanks to:

'ZanderArch' for his icons discovery and especially to 'niphty', who showed 
me how to add & edit icons, for the Double-mini-Weapons mod.

========== Contents ==========

1. Folder: gamedata -> the mod folder (see Installation)

2. Folder: All Other ReadMe -> The ReadMe files of each mod used in mine

3. Pictures: various -> screenshots showcasing features of the mod.

========== Guidance ==========

--- Weapons and Armour ---

1. Save your money and make the first thing you buy the Noiseless Viper (or 
at least the Viper 5 9x18). Then start saving for a proper assault rifle.

2. Beware. All mp5s are useless for long distance shooting. Don't waste your 
ammo. Their firing range is only 200m. Either get close or get away.

2. Don't buy absolutely anything (other than bullets) until you can afford 
the FT 200M. Once you have it, use it as a sniper rifle (single shots) 
mostly, as you won't be able to afford loads of bullets just yet (nor need 
to use it on auto for close combat at the time). Also, buy a silencer for 
it. It will actually reduce your presence in some occasions and allow you to 
surprise more enemies.

3. Use the Noiseless Viper or the Viper 5 9x18 for close combat for as long 
as you can get away with it (eventually enemies will be strong for it).

4. After getting the FT 200M start saving for armour. Don't bother waste 
your money on anything but: the SEVA suit (your first armour purchase) and 
the Exoskeleton PNB-4UZ (your second armour purchase). You'll find yourself 
using the SEVA suit most of the time and the Exoskeleton on few occassions 
of close combat with heavily armed and armoured enemies.

5. Once you have these and before venturing into the Brain Scorcher quest 
you have to make yout final purchase, which is the Gauss riffle. Don't 
bother buying more than 50 rounds, unless you like using it. The FT 200M 
will suffice for most situations.

--- Misc ---

1. Unless you're desperate for bullets never completely sell certain 
artefacts. Keep at least one of a kind as side-quests tend to repeatedly ask 
for them. These are: Jellyfish, Meatchunk, Night Star, Moonlight, Gravi.
Also, slain some dogs, fleshes, boars, bloodsuckers, etc? Search their 
bodies and keep any tails, hoofs , eyes, etc. Keep 2-3 of each as 
side-quests will often request one. Bloodsucker tentacles alone will fetch 
you 3000 each.
However, you can sell the following as you won't find them any usefull or 
have to use them: Goldfish, Battery, Slugg, Pellicle. You'll never need more 
than 2 of the Flash artefact for yourself (and it is only requested once in 
a quest).
Remember: giving an artefact as part of a quest will get you more money plus 
extra items.

2. Having enough money is possible if you scavenge every single body, take 
every little quest and pursue every single hidden stash. Do this 
consistently and you'll always be well equiped before getting into difficult 

========== Changing this mod ==========

--- Altering load capacity ---

Go to: gamedata\config\

open file: system.ltx

find line: max_weight	= 300

change to the number you prefer then,

Go to: gamedata\config\creatures

open file: Actors.ltx

find lines:
max_item_mass	= 300
max_walk_weight	= 300

and apply the same number as with max_weight.

--- Weapon Add-ons ---

These are the weapons altered so that with silencers attached they still 
have the same bullet damage, speed, and accuracy as when non-silenced.


Open with notepad to undo or apply different effect of the silelcer on the 

--- Skins ---

If you don't like the way a weapon looks now, just go to:


and delete accordingly.

========== Copyright ==========

You may modify it.
You may distribute it.
You may include it into your mods but please give me & respective authors 
the credit (see credits).
You may NOT charge money for it (apart from minimum shipping costs & format 
(e.g. CD).
You can do all of the above without asking me but I would appreciate the 
courtesy of an e-mail.

========== Contact ==========


faiakes AT hotmail.co.uk

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