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This mod adds upgrades of the SEVA Suit (resistance+ carry weight), MP5 (single handed), Vintorez, PSZ-9Md suit (resistance+ carry weight),...


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This mod adds upgrades of the SEVA Suit (resistance+ carry weight), MP5 (single handed), Vintorez, PSZ-9Md suit (resistance+ carry weight), a lethal L85A2 and an insane Gatling shotgun. Item cost increases ensuring that you can upgrade as you replay play the game. It also tweaks carry weight and have trader and barman buy mutant parts. I also included some of my favourite mods by by a number of very talented people.

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Download 'falcon_industries_stalker_mod_v1.0.zip' (4.7MB)

Falcon Weapons and Armour mod v1.0
     S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl MODs
TESTED:  Version 1.0

This is my first attempt at a game mod.  It build on the work done by a number of talented people as well as adding my own 2 versions of armour and 4 types of weapons to the game, tweaking carry restrictions.  Oh yes, I also made trader and barman sell the weapons, buy mutant parts and have barman sell weapon add-ons.
The included mods are a selection of my favourites:
- AdvancedScopes with night vision v1.0 by Smirnoff CCCP
- Silent Night Vision from xankriegor3@yahoo.com
- Axe Compilation Mod with recoding/tweaks by AxeMan808
    * Repair Mod (Tweak) (AxeMan808 - Based on MoDD's/Goffik's work)
    * Darker Nights 1.1 - 26m Light version (Badmagic) (with Time Mod from MrKlorox)
    * Detection Mod v2 (s.h. - stian.hoiland)
    * More Weapons Take Add-ons (Swifty Magee)
    * No Time Limit on Quests (emoaddict15)
    * Real Gun Names mod v.3 (Kyodan)
    * Stalkers Buy/Sell Ammo/Weapons (unknown source)
    * Tweaked Blood 1.3 (AntiWiggin)
I love STALKER.  Having finished it once without mods and once with 3rd party mods (doing most of the different endings) I decided to write my own mod to enhance playability and have fun.  The result is modifications to some of my favourite equipment (the SEVA and PSZ-9Md suits as well as 4 specialized weapons.)  The idea is to give the player much more of a superiority feeling.  You can still die if you do something silly, but you are ensured of having the upper hand and just being able to explore, play and blow your enemies to very small bits.  The goodies increase in cost, so you will only be able to upgrade as the game progresses.
Quite frankly I already spent more time on this than I have to spend, but having played with it a little bit I really enjoyed the result and decided to share it with the hope that I can return some of the fun I’ve had with the mods other people provided for my pleasure. 
NB!  This mod is slightly unbalanced (or perhaps even a lot! ;-)  I finished the game once and now I want to have fun and not worry (too much) about dying while still improving my character as the game progresses.  Use it in a way that provides you with fun.
I tested the mod as well as I could within available time.  Unfortunately it is pretty much provided as is and I can guarantee neither reliability nor support.  
My thanks go out to the following people:
* Niphty for his most excellent tutorials
* Moshpit for his X-46 Advanced Battlearmor Suit 1.02 mod, my original inspiration and reference
* The people credited above for their mods.
If I skipped anyone, my sincere apologies as well as my assurance that it was not intentional.

Falcon Industries is one of the main competitors of Stark Industries with reference to high tech weaponry.  With news of the zone spreading some of this equipment has become available from Trader and Barkeep, at the right price off course.

Falcon SEVA Suit
The Falcon Industries SEVA modification provides excellent universal protection as well as excellent value for money.  Special features include bio-regen capability as well as equipment portability enhancements.
(I love the looks of the SEVA suit.  This is a suit you should be able to afford relatively early in the game.  It increases the load you can carry, which will help you gain the cash for the really cool items.  You will not be able to carry a truckload of stuff though.  Remember to trade with as many people as you can.  If you use the Stalkers Buy/Sell Ammo/Weapons mod which I strongly suggest you can spread the love by selling the good stuff to your fellow loners.  This helps them survive and even the odds somewhat.  It’s also cool to for example upgrade Prof Kruger from pistol to MP5)
Falcon PSZ-9Md Mod
The Falcon Industries PSZ-9Md suit is highly modified with anomaly implants, cybernetic micro-machine technology, subspace storage capability as well as the standard Falcon Industries bio-regenerative capability.  It provides superior battlefield protection for the discerning buyer.
(This is a suit you can finish the game with.  Provided you do not do something stupid and keep your head you should survive.  It’s not for free though, so keep saving.)
Falcon MP5 Mk I 
Falcon Industries modified MP5 Viper for close to medium quarter high-impact engagement at an unsurpassable cost. Semi automatic 9x18 or 19mm capability with extended magazine
(The MP5 Mk I is a good starting weapon.  This is a promotional weapon that you get it at a heavily discounted rate, it fits in your side-arm slot and it will last you for quite some time.  It can use 9x18mm and 9x19mm ammo, has increased clip size, multiple fire modes, increased stability and aim and a good amount of damage.)
Falcon Vintorez Mod
Falcon Industries custom modified Vintorez Rifle. Subspace technology assures superior magazine size, Gravi acceleration increased damage and micro adaptation barrel ensures multi-ammunition capability at an affordable price.
(The Vintorez is an excellent intermediate rifle.  It can use the 5.45x39 and 5.56x45 ammo variants and has good accuracy and stopping power.)
Falcon L85A2 Mod
Falcon Industries custom converted Enfield L85A2. Subspace technology assures superior magazine size, Gravi acceleration increased damage and micro adaptation barrel ensures the ability to use a wide range of ammunition.  Meteoric sensors and gyro stabilization provides unrivalled accuracy and stability. This provides the discerning buyer the ultimate infantry solution for medium to long range hostility interdiction.
(This baby is expensive, but boy, is she worth it.  She uses a wide range of ammo, is perfectly balanced, has massive stopping power (Try her on the helicopters for fun) and can hit a dime at 1800 yards.  She is silenced automatically but bring your own grenade launcher.  I used the L85A2 because of the way it looks.  The Groza is also cool but too bulky in first player view, especially with scope.  I lastly decided not to go with scope with a x times gazillion zoom.   That my be useful for seeing the white in your enemy’s eyes at 1000m but utterly useless the moment he starts running around.  If anyone knows how to make the rifle zoom variable like the binoculars, please do share :-)
Falcon compact Gatling
The Falcon Industries compact Gatling provides the ultimate close-quarters hostility suppression device for the discerning buyer where the requirement for superior firepower outweighs the need for stealth.  This state of the art micro-engineered device provides a superior ammunition delivery rate, subspace technology for increased clip size and increased kinetic transfer via Gravi acceleration technology, all in an easily portable and compact form factor.
(This bad boy is right on the edge of being really unbalanced, probably on the wrong side as well.  I created a devastation machine that runs through shotgun cartridges at 2000 rpm.  Because of the heat generated it does not have an automatic fire mode, not that you’d miss it.  The down side is that it has a short range.  (The incredible heat and air friction evaporates the bullets after a short distance ;-) Don’t ask me to silence it.  It’s a damn Gatling shotgun.  It’s going to be loud no matter what you do.  I would have loved to use a different model for this e.g. the grenade launcher, but it does not fit in the side-arm slot.  Anyone out there interested in re-skinning the models or even better, creating new models, go for it!  Please show me the results.)
Before proceeding with installation I recommend you to make a backup copy of your gamedata folder.
So you’ll be able to return to your old configurations in case you won’t be satisfied of this mod.

I included 2 versions: 
* Falcon Brief only contains my mods, plus the real gun names.
* Falcon Full contains all the mods.
1. Extractcopy the "gamedata" folder of your choice into your S.T.A.L.K.E.R folder(ex.: C:ProgrammsTHQS.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl). Overwrite files.
2-If this is a first mod you install than open the "fsgame" file (located in the STALKER folder) whit the WordPad and change the second line of the text in:
$game_data$   		= true|	true|	$fs_root$|		gamedata
3-Have fun! 

I tested this as best I could with my available time on v1.000.  

My brief mod overwrites the following files:
gamedataconfigsystem.ltx (Carry Weight)
gamedataconfigcreaturesactor.ltx (Carry Weight)
gamedataconfigmisctrade_barman.ltx, trade_trader.ltx and unique_items.ltx (Trader lists and unique items)
gamedataconfigtextengstring_table_enc_weapons.xml and string_table_outfit.xml (Item descriptions and names)

I also included the real gun names in gamedataconfigweapons

It will be incompatible with any mods also impacting these files but should not clash mods outside this area.  Remember to back-up though!

You are welcome to use the portions of the mod I made (2 suit modifications, 4 weapons and trader inventory changes) but I'd appreciate it if you credit me with the original concept.

Version ----- v1.0
Design ------ Falcon
Contact ---- fretief at hotmail dot com (I don’t have a lot of time but will do what I can.)
Date -------- 2008-07-28

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